A Partial Misleading Anatomy Of The Con


Peter Hipwell wrote:


SLACK [prima materia] +++++++++++++++++++++
is transmuted to <------------ PROGRAMMING OUTPUTHER
ZIG-HYLE [CONditionally] +++++++++++++++++++++
[via] + Aprogram [MEGo Glutton]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + Bprogram [Lackadais]
minimFORMATION tranceFER + Cprogram [Faithing]
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + Dprogram [Dis/Conformer]
* Non-perceived Binary + Eprogram [RationalE]
* Cataplastic + [PossibiLinguistic Supraroutines]
* Sterile + [CLASSIFIED]
* Hysterical + 0pragram [SubGenius]

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dumbombast <--------- GoverndemeanT
Rumblemummer <------- PeerINGroups
Pronullcements <----- Relitigious
Educashunt <--------- Paradogmatics
ProDuctility <------- Transmissionaries

Megacacophonical bludgEON output implants
parasitical hallucinoURGEnentic mental structures, examples being:

* aaAaaAAaAAArRrrrGruntGRunt [melodramatURGE]

Routes all emotional response through melodramatURGE: displayed
emotion must be M-pathetically sterilized, as it is used to transmit
to surrounding pinkorperaters the approved social scriptures. When
repression of powerful TruEmotion stimuli fails ("bottling out" or
"EttiQuit"), it automatically triggers activation of an embarrassing
humilieu in the surround psychenvironment.


This autovorous maelstROM is able to store MEGs [Meta Eliminative
Grunts] that obliterate potentially damaging external data, performing
the Trivirulent Routines (Blank, Blanket, Blankettle) that prevent the
system settling into a Tabula Erasa state. Supports (among others) the
pogROM, theoROM, boROM, and kaROM fasc-set units, allowing for almost
effortless operatines.

* Statussimilant [druD-URGE]

Gives warning of threatened hierarchanarchy from self and others,
in order to support CVultural Standards. FuneReality is produced in
the Hypotheticalculations, activating DruD-URGE: colouration occurs,
leads from "blacknows" to "brownose" emancillary activation, thereby
scaffolding the Status Quota.

* bideRectional glamouRepressor [splURGE]

splURGE channelling is required to simultaneously evoke and ereich all
other hallucinoURGEnetic material. This equiLibrium
tranKWistallization locks the zentral tocker into a self-regulationing
frequenzy (apart from a few, mostly irrelevant, odds and sods.)


Last tocks in, data INCOMPLETE. C20 postulated.

SEXPLOSION <----------------- Conspirated Endpoint


* BeardeDeros ---> Plasmate Surgery ---> Karma Suture

[BeardeDeros release concentrated BO-Vril Power from New York sewers,
generating an invisible, hypersonic auroROAR around all life on the
planet, splitting associated plasmate into femtoscopic McIcky-MALIS
archetypes that run around the wheel of karma IN REVERSE.]


* Goddezzilla --- Orgynephilia ---> Copulmonary

[The mysterious Orgyne Energy -- sort of a pinkish-green colour -- is
used to detune the auroROARal mechanisms to the correct
vibrational rate for the incorporation of the Yacatasyzygymal Love
Waves, activating inert M-Yin principle, the "Anti-Muscle" that
eternally unpounds flesh. Pure karmalovelence droppeth from heaven.]


* DV-GIants --- LieBeRation ---> Pornoxium

[Finally, the NOR-MALIS System disgorges stored chunks of
ZIG-HYLE. Fux-Melder cycle activated: entroperv SEXPLOSION.]


Sexplosion coupled with the Prior PolLutenization of Gaia via OoZYME
catastrophalysis leads to the Creanimation of the IchmuNeons, the
"Worms of Illumination". Parasitically feeding on karmalovelent
thought structures paralysed by ZIG-HYLE (immaculate conceptions),
the Worms geomentrically expands as they convert all organics to
spiractuality, burrowing to become Butterfly Jesii, JHVH-FLAPs. Earth
can now be redenized to allow the normal MenCease cycle to resume.

Factotum Maximus of the Zero Point Knowledge Unit.
http://www.cogsci.ed.ac.uk/~petehip/het.html for The One True Theory.

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