By (John Laviolette)
Date: 12 May 1996

lemme tell you...

I think "Bob" is about to show himself in weird, twisted,
inexplicably FUNHORRIBLE ways...

just the other day, I was waiting for a bus. it was still
a bright, sunny day. clear skies. lots of people milling
around cattlelike.

and there it was: "Bob's" Pipe.

not a normal pipe, but a Pipe. not laying on a sidewalk or
something; I'm not talking about one of those hip coincidences
you can pass off to your friends to make yourself look all
cool because of the mystical depth of your little life, no

I am talking about a UFO.

maybe it was something else, and I just couldn't identify it
-- hell, that's why they call 'em UFOs, ain't it? but it
didn't look like a plane, didn't look like a balloon, didn't
even look like a SPACE VEHICLE or anything; it was a giant
black Pipe, waaaay up there in the blue sky, floating along
like nobody's business.

and no one cared.

ok, it sounded like two people nearby were blandly commented
about seeing something they couldn't identify, but DAMMIT, why
weren't they in BALLEXPANDING SHOCK? Couldn't they see that
this was no ordinary UFO, it was the *PIPE*?

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