Sensualism & Eroticism (of "Bob")

From: (NENSLO)
Date: 18 Jul 1995

Tarla Wrote:
The best thing about being an artist is that you can look people over
all the time and as long as they think YOU'RE thinking about
can get away with it.

Now this begs the erotic, the same thing as sexual? I
mean, just because I find something sensually beautiful (erotic), does
that mean that I find that person desirable? In part. I "fall in love"
with my models all the time. I think I have to (to a degree) in order
to convey their beauty to others. Do I want to have sex with them? Not
really. I'd rather imagine them in erotic forms than actually have
physical contact. I don't believe that's being "unfaithful" nor is it
confusing the generative act, but it's most definately combining
visual appeal with sex. Isn't it?

Nenslo replies-
This is my opportunity to restate certain parts of Nensletic Theory,
Under Master Control. Specifically the Part appertaining to topics
raised above, to wit:

Americans are deliberately deprived of programming which might
permit them to separate enjoyment of sensation from the "generative
act." It is in the best Corporate Interest that we continue to purchase
products which stimulate responses we are trained to translate as
Hindbrain Survival response - Copulate! That's why when visually-deprived
American Males actually get to see a Real Tit in person, they aren't
thinking "Mommy feed me," but "Let's breed!" Only when we enjoy our
perversions FOR THEIR OWN SAKE, not for the programmed Conspiracy Agenda, when we can enjoy a slice of cheesecake or a pleasing bone structure without thinking it has something to do with SEX, one of the biggest cables Conspiracy has attached to the base of our skulls begins to loosen a bit.

Here's this story again -
I woke up one morning from a dream of looking at grainy porno
pics OF MY MOTHER SUCKING MY DICK. (Sorry, Mom, but I did.) I hadn't
given the matter much thought, really, so it unsettled me and I had to
lie there for a while considering the whole thing. Naturally I thought
about Freud and Oedipus, and what the real story was with Oedipus. He
didn't know he had accidentally killed his father and married his mother,
been her husband, raised kids and ruled a kingdom together. One day the
whole story comes out and it wrecks his life. No, HE wrecks his life by
FREAKING OUT, stupidly blinding himself and giving up his kingdom (well
the wife took it pretty hard too - hanged herself). Everybody else said,
"Hey, you didn't know!"

From this I determined this Nensletic Axiom: It isn't having sex
with your parent that screws you up, it's HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT having sex
with your parent. The term "sex with your parent" being used in this
sense to mean "any given thing."

Sometimes I LIKE feeling guilty about my craven ulterior urges.
Sometimes I dispassionately look at life as a Frenchman at a Grape, or
something, and be like a true artiste and everything. But when I
draw pictures of Connie, I NEED to have the biggest boner I can muster to
be able to THINK STRAIGHT.

Okay, that was the punch line.
-Copyright NENSLO KDV 1995-
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