by Doktor DynaSoar Iridium:

So impressed was I with the Time Control techniques of Dr.
K'taden Legume at the Clevetown Devival, that I endevoured
to create these additions to his list of Sins approved for
use in RevX. Enjoy them fully and in knowledge that they
are sanctified in Dobbs. If you say so. If you don't see
anything you like, you're too fucking picky. Lighten up.

1. Tripe wiping.
2. Pork part plasticizing.
3. Clock batting for other than immoral purposes.
4. Saran wrap shuffling.
5. Refuse refusing.
6. Bilateral blather.
7. Hitting the broad side of a barn with a ten foot pole.
8. Pipe typing.
9. Launching of heat-seeking porno.
10. Extreme acts of apathetic activity without witnesses.
11. Little head belittling.
12. Pope baiting with artificial lures.
13. Trollop polishing.
14. Unctious conjunction in public.
15. Changing the oil in the 'frop bucket.
16. Making microwave manna.
17. Rubbing Pinks the "right way".
18. Asexual pre-production.
19. Prophesy wiggling.
20. Using "ornery polecat" in a sentence.
21. Skit quipping without offense.
22. Playing "hide the nine-iron".
23. Xerographic Nensletic behavior uninvited.
24. Changing the street signs in neural pathways.
25. Puppy rumping.
26. Scrape fishing.
27. Lewd behavior in the presence of a miner.
28. Savior shaving.
29. Hat flatulence.
30. Helium filled Dobbshead delivery.
31. Brandishing of personal ads.
32. Wearing of fuzzy bunny slippers without first field
dressing the bunnies.
33. Praying to unknown salamii.
34. Olympic lunch tossing.
35. Being the tide of bad bearings.
36. Waste pasting.
37. Accidental elf trampling.
38. Tuba removal.
39. Offalizing an unused mindset.
40. Drunken pump stumbling.
41. Serendipitous Slack wasting.
42. Attracting extraterretrials through olafaction.
43. Disorderly conduits.
44. Uneven torque with a crescent hammer.
45. Squatting too long on one face.
46. Keyboard whoring.
47. Failure to relinquish vocal control.
48. Cramming it up your Upanishad.
49. Meat excretion for any reason other than wanting to.
50. Casting of votes less than 100 yards.
51. Intercepting a moving hovel.
52. Apprentice or journeyman baiting.
53. Failing to join a food fight.
54. Being "born again" to get two sets of birthday presents.
55. Gravity racing.
56. Industrial spunk tunneling.
57. Muscular spasms with insufficient bass and drums.
58. Organized sporks.
59. Rebelching.
60. Crawdad spackling.
61. Harboring a fugue.
62. Elicit sects axe.
63. Dumpster mumbling.
64. Animation of nonexistant objects.
65. Disney sympathizing.
66. Rhyming on an expired poetic license.
67. Imaginary pretending.
68. Hose posturing.
69. Smelling a running lemming.
70. Daisy chainsawing.
71. Backwards surgical masking.
72. Boisterous effluvia redirection.
73. Satan raping (or any sex forced on demons) for competition.
74. Gratuitous pagination.
75. High-speed butt dragging.
76. Disrespectful use of hallucinations.
77. Immaterialism as a means of innuendo.
78. Evolving below the speed limit.
79. Rubber chubby bubbling.
80. Lube racketing.
81. Musical chair burying.
82. Subscribing to a powder magazine.
83. Biscuit spittling.
84. Tree hugging without inducing orgasm.
85. Freak peeking.
86. Wanton dough hugging.
87. Color coordinated delusions.
88. Drawing smiley faces with other than a flame thrower.
89. Pet wearing out of season.
90. Blank tape listening.
91. Suffering under the influence of normals.
92. Leg pegging.
93. Specialty generalizing to avoid prosthesistution.
94. Exception acceptance.
95. Unwarranted rubber farming.
96. Wearing items of untreated Pink bowel.
97. Toe jam sandwiching.
98. Cheese breeding.
99. Rut huddling.

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