From: (D.C.K.)
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 1996

I'm not sure you can be a potent subG without being able to define
Slack to yourself and others. Otherwise, the only way anyone would know
whether he/she fits the classification is through psychic spiritual
connection; has anyone seen this occur lately?!

Slack is concious immoral hedonism. The reason Stang couldn't cum
right out and ejaculate this fact is because this would reduce the
religious spoof anti-spoof church into a narrow 'easy target' political
platform or subculture, that offers nothing new, excting, or mysterious.
That is why we came up with the subG style rant. It's confusing to the
norm worms, it's funny and fascinating to most subG's , and it offers an
excuse or loophole to escape persecution for justifying everything
mainstream America is SUPPOSED to hate: immorality and hedonism.
The subG rant is senseless gibberish,but it delivers the goods, in a way that
most senseless gibberish (everything else) doesn't. Only, the only person
who truly appreciates the "goods", is the SubG. Redundant I know! The Rant
makes intelligent and obscure cross references that create a bridge
between us weirdos. We relate to each others idiosyncratic id-driven
fetishes which are camoflauged amongst nonsense to protect our ourselves
from the conspiracy within and without. We enjoy spoofing society's
insecurities by using sexual euphimisms and unwitted witted puns. We
make fun of "them" by disrespecting "them", and in the process we laugh at
ourselves, although probably not enough. It is very difficult to varify
just how much Slack a person has, because the attributes that we most
commonly associate with pink boys can and do manifest themselves in
subG's. For instance, most subG's enjoy leisure, but some may not. The
typical stereotypes which are used for quick deductions on the coolness of
another, cum back and haunt us later when they turn out to be bogus
associations. Nickie is a moron, I doubt she is concious of her coolness. See,
Nickie doesn't give a fuck, which is an attribute of a subG. But the subG is in perpetual reconsideration of whether or not it is BENIFICIAL to not give a
fuck, where as Nickie, probably never even pondered it. I might be wrong
about her, but I'M not afraid of making a bit of an ass of myself in hope of
making a good illustration. The subG is not just happy when he is happy, but
he is concious, or actively pondering his own happiness. That is why the
subG must be smart by definition. A certain type of intelligence mind you.
Not necessarily the well versed, quick on your feet smart like Grantland or
Rob[not-Bob]. But, you must be able to contain a line of thought, and see it
out till it's end. Breaking paradigms in the process. You must be a
philosopher of some sort to have much slack.

"Oh sure, we're intelligent. But you have to be intelligent
to be stupid, otherwise your just plain retarded." - Alain Jourgenson
The thing that makes me an outsider on alt.slack is the fact that I
don't rant and get silly like everyone else. I get bored with rants, and
go for the jugular. Grantland does the same thing, but he's is a little
too wordy for my own comprehension. Nenslo, almost actualizes these
tendencies, but somehow always ends up vouching for the good old slack
paradigm: don't think about how the parts fit, just enjoy putting them

The church is dead (set to self-destruct) in two years, and a good
thing too, since it will symbolize the church's real death, which occured
as soon as it began. (this ofcourse fits right into those Dada threads)

I might not be much of a subG, considering I do not
always relish those silly church rants. Kinda like a democratic voting
anarchist might not be an anarchist. Kinda like a a staunch individualist
who believes in chaos, drugs, and sex might not be a punk rocker because
he doesn't listen to the music. More on this later, Voidog loves and
fails to hate.

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