Slack or Sloth? You decide.

From: (Jim Cser)
Date: 21 Aug 1995

This is probably more self-ingulgent whining than actual philosophical discourse, but I come to alt.slack with something that has been bothering me of late: I fear that I have WAY TOO MUCH SLACK.

Slack has been an important guiding force in my life, Praise "BOB", and has helped,me to acheive both a spontaneous and genuine life and a smug superiority over the Normals who do their best to take it away from me. However, this is a strategy that can be taken TOO FAR.

Don't get me wrong -- The Conspiracy OWES ME a living, and I try to do as little work as possible at my temporary Real Job, but when the chips are down I wind up being unmotivated to do A GODDAMN THING at all. The result is that I tend to STEAL SLACK from my friends and rack up HUGE PSYCHIC DEBTS, making me a BIG ASSHOLE. All the people in this world that I respect (Stang, for a good example) work REALLY REALLY FUCKING HARD, either at what they like or a vehicle toward other things that
are important. Once in a while I have an IDEA and occasionally make a HALF-ASSED EFFORT toward something, but I usually just assume everything will just HAPPEN LIKE MAGIC, and inevitably FLIP OUT when it doesn't. Like RIGHT NOW.

I hate working, at anything. There, I said it. I'm a LAZY SHIT. Who the FUCK do I think I am? As Dennis Leary so correctly says "Join the fucking club, Pal." I'm looking for either SUPPORT or ABUSE; I'm sure this forum will be able to supply both.

Jim Cser

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From: (gggor)

Jim, you have outlined your problem with great clarity and honesty,
but the real seat of your problem is stated right said that
you respect Stang. Giving respect to this slackvampire is the
equivalent of inviting ole Nosferatu hisself into yer parlor.
Stang steals SLACK from EVERYONE (except "BOB" and NENSLO
of course) who opens that special link to him by 'admiring' him.
The psychic vampirization results in the 'flip-flop' or binary condition
of Slack in the victim wherein he's either got too much or too little
Slack...also, cross-psychic contamination generally tends to give
the unwilling victim large doses of Emergentile Antibodies which
leave the recipient with guilt feelings like yours. My advice to you
is to recognize Stang for the shrivelled, twisted, evil THING he
has become and refuse to play the guilt game. When it comes to Slack
remember the most important tenet of the church: TOO MUCH IS

And one more thing, Stang works as hard as he does because he HAS
to not because he wants to...if the truth be known he'd trade in all that
fame, money and groupie-sex for a dose of true, self-generated Slack
of which he is incapable. So stop worrying about your lack of self-
motivation, you are not alone!!!

GG( hope this helps) Gordon

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