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Subject: Catholic Movie Review Ratings
Copyright: 1995 by The Associated Press
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 95

The Catholic Communications Campaign movie rating system and examples of current movies rated by the campaign.
--A-1: For general audience, no morally objectionable material: "The Lion King'' and "Arabian Knight.''
--A-2: For adults and adolescents: "Miracle on 34th Street'' and "Apollo 13.''
--A-3: For adults: "Bye, Bye Love.''
--A-4: For adults, with reservations; May require some caution: "The Bridges of Madison County.''
--O: Morally offensive: "True Lies,'' "Die Hard: With a Vengeance,'' "Exotica'' and" Two Girls in Love.''

Subject: Catholic Church Reviews Movies

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Forget Siskel and Ebert. The Roman Catholic church is giving its own thumbs up or thumbs down to the latest movies.
The Catholic Communications Campaign next Wednesday will open a national toll-free movie review line giving "moral ratings'' to the latest movies and videos.

"The morally offensive film is one that exploits sexuality and violence -- like "True Lies,''' said Henry Herx, director of the campaign's office of film and broadcasting.

Each review will provide a plot synopsis and an evaluation of content, entertainment value and moral qualities.

The rating system differs from the Motion Picture Association of America Inc.'s ratings by focusing on the film's overall moral message. Herx and his partner, Gerri Pare, review all of the movies.

"Die Hard: With a Vengeance" was replete with contemporary violence, terrorism as well as rough language,'' he said, so it, like "True Lies,'' got an "O'' rating for "morally offensive.'' Others receiving that rating were "explicitly sexual'' movies such as" Exotica'' and "Two Girls in Love.''
The campaign does not condemn themes of homosexuality as long as they are portrayed within" sensible bounds.'' Herx said.

Jack Valenti, president and chief executive officer of the Motion Picture Association of America, said supplementary rating systems by religious groups were a good idea.

But the association will not change its own 27-year-old rating system, Valenti said: "This rating system is for everyone: Jews, Catholics, heretics, agnostics. Everyone!''

The four movies that Herx gave an "O'' rating for being "morally offensive'' all received "R'' ratings under the MPAA's system. Such a rating means no one under 17 should attend unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
The campaign is the latest successor to the church's National Legion of Decency, which began rating films in 1936.

According to Herx, the campaign has accounted for changing social perceptions. For example, the legion condemned the 1946 movie, "Miracle on 34th Street,'' as morally offensive because a divorced woman wants to remarry.

The campaign, on the other hand, finds it suitable for adults and adolescents. However, it still is deemed unsuitable for children, he said, because the character played by Natalie Wood "is a disturbed young lady.''
Walt Disney's "The Lion King'' and the newly released "Arabian Knight'' earned A-1 ratings (general audience), because they did not contain morally objectionable material.

Due to profanity, "Apollo 13'' received an A-2 rating (for adults and adolescents).

"Bye, Bye Love,'' a film about divorced fathers and the challenges of dealing with their children, got an A-3 rating (for adults) because it dealt with a sophisticated theme on an adult level.

"The Bridges of Madison County,'' was given an A-4 rating (for adults, with reservations) because it dealt with what Herx called the "A'' word: adultery.
Valenti said filmmakers have no obligation to instruct. "I'm not going to get into these metaphysical questions,'' he said. "Samuel Goldwyn used to say, `If you want to send a message, go to Western Union.''

The campaign's review line, projected to cost $28,000 a year, is supported entirely by parishioner donations, says Ramon E. Rodriguez, the project's national director.
EDITOR'S NOTE -- The movie review phone number is 1-800-311-4222.

Subject: Group: `The Lion King' Has Sex

STAFFORD, Va. (AP) -- A Christian group wants Walt Disney Co. to remove "The Lion King'' from video stores, claiming the cartoon movie briefly shows the word "sex.''

The American Life League, which claims to be the nation's largest anti-abortion group, was alerted to the fleeting appearance of the word by a woman who said her 4-year-old son noticed it.

After seeing that the word appears to be formed by a dissipating cloud of dust about midway through the movie, the group began encouraging readers of its newsletter to call or write to Disney to complain.

"It's just appalling for them to do that,'' said Tracey Casale of the Stafford-based group, which claims 250,000 supporters. "To put a sexual message, no matter how subtle, in what's supposed to be a family movie, negates everything they claim to be.''

A phone call to Disney officials Thursday was not immediately returned.
The segment in question occurs when Simba, the hero, is rolling around laughing with friends Pumbaa and Timon. When he gets up and walks to the edge of a cliff and plops down on the ground, a cloud of dust rises above him.
As the dust begins to trail off, it appears to form the letters S-E-X, with each letter fading as the next becomes clear.

Subject: Group: Disney Films Are Racy

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) -- A Christian group that claims "The Lion King'' briefly shows the word "sex'' says there are also risque scenes in two other popular Disney feature cartoons.

The American Life League maintains there is the audible message "Good teen-agers, take off your clothes'' in "Aladdin'' and, in "The Little Mermaid,'' a wedding officiate becomes visibly sexually aroused.

The anti-abortion group, based in Stafford, Va., wants the Walt Disney Co. to remove "The Lion King'' from video stores. It says it was alerted to the appearance of the word by a woman who said her 4-year-old son noticed it.
Disney spokesman Rick Rhoades said Friday that the league is imagining things in all three films and that the company is not recalling video tapes of "The Lion King.''

The group did not ask that Disney remove "Aladdin'' and "The Little Mermaid'' from video stores.

The segment in question in "The Lion King'' occurs about midway through the movie when Simba, the hero, plops down and a cloud of dust rises above him. As the dust begins to trail off, it forms the letters S-E-X, with each letter fading as the next becomes clear, the group says.

Rhoades said the scene simply shows "swirling dust in the night sky.''

"Seeing anything in `The Lion King' other than a good wholesome family film is purely perception,'' he said.

The league also claims that, in a scene near the end of "The Little Mermaid,'' a man performing a wedding is shown in profile and gets an erection as the bride and groom approach.

In "Aladdin,'' the objectionable words are allegedly spoken in a whisper when Prince Ababwa calls on Princess Jasmine in the scene before the magic carpet ride.

Disney animators have snuck bawdy messages into earlier releases.
In 1994, eagle-eyed viewers of the laserdisc version of the Disney co-production "Who Framed Roger Rabbit'' got a glimpse of cartoon character Jessica Rabbit without underwear, and of graffiti offering Disney boss Michael Eisner's home phone number as that of a brothel run by Allyson Wonderland.

Subject: Japanese Police Probe Cult

TOKYO (AP) -- Guided by confessions from cult leaders jailed since the Tokyo subway gas attack, police Wednesday dug up what they believe to be the body of a lawyer who vanished while leading a crusade against the sect six years ago.

Tsutsumi Sakamoto, his wife, Satoko, and their 1-year-old son, Tatsuhiko, disappeared from their Yokohama apartment during the night of Nov. 4, 1989. There were no signs of violence and little evidence other than a badge found on the floor with a symbol of the Aum Shinri Kyo (Supreme Truth) cult.

Sakamoto had worked with parents seeking the return of children in the cult and former believers trying to regain the assets they had donated.
But police failed to link the disappearances to the cult until after the nerve gas attack last spring that killed 12 people and injured more than 5,000.
Several cult leaders arrested since then have said they were ordered by their guru, Shoko Asahara, to kill the Sakamotos and bury them separately in the mountains.

Police sent hundreds of investigators Wednesday to three sites in northern Japan. Television networks broadcast live from the remote areas for much of the day, showing investigators in blue uniforms digging.
As dusk fell, police said they had found what they believe are the bodies of Sakamoto and his wife.

For six years, Sakamoto's mother and a handful of lawyers have campaigned to find the family, hoping they were still alive.

Their apartment remains just as it was. Tatsuhiko is still enrolled at school, and an empty desk waits for him.

"It's so painful,'' said lawyer Hisashi Okada, waiting for a call from colleagues in the mountains. "But it's even more unbearable to leave the family buried separately. At least we should bring them together again.''

Since the March 20 gas attack, nearly 170 cult members have been charged with various crimes and are awaiting trial.

Police Wednesday arrested the cult's former No. 2 leader, Hisako Ishii, on suspicion of destroying evidence.

Ishii, who was responsible for the group's finances, was reportedly demoted by Asahara for failing to destroy all incriminating records before police raids began on the cult's facilities.

Extensive police searches since March have uncovered massive stockpiles of chemicals, drugs and armaments, along with evidence that the group was trying to develop a range of other weapons. Police believe the doomsday cult was planning to overthrow the government.

Asahara, 40, who faces murder charges in the subway attack, is to go on trial Oct. 26.

Subject: Tx. Churches Back Evangelist

DALLAS (AP) -- Thirty Texas churches are backing evangelist Robert Tilton in fraud lawsuits filed by people who say they gave him money but their prayers went unanswered.

"If someone slips on a church parking lot and there is a claim, that is a proper lawsuit,'' said the churches' lawyer, J. Shelby Sharpe. "But when it comes to prayer requests and how they are handled ... the secular courts have never had the power to review that.''

In Monday's brief, the mostly mainline Protestant congregations support Tilton's claim that a church cannot be sued without violating guarantees of freedom of religion, his lawyer, Rhonda Byrd, said Wednesday.

The state Supreme Court refused to dismiss the 1993 suit last month, ruling that the Texas and U.S. constitutions "do not necessarily bar all claims which may touch on religious conduct.''

A 1991 ABC "PrimeTime Live'' report highlighted Tilton's luxurious lifestyle and questioned whether individual prayer requests were addressed as promised. His libel suit was dismissed.

Tilton took his "Success-N-Life'' TV show and live Sunday broadcasts off the air in 1993. His Word of Faith World Outreach Center Church in suburban Dallas, which once boasted more than 10,000 members, now has fewer than 1,000.

Subject: Clinton Meets With Dalai Lama

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Clinton met Wednesday with the Dalai Lama in a gesture of respect to the exiled Buddhist leader who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent advocacy of self-rule for Tibet.

As he has done the past two years, Clinton dropped by briefly as the Dalai Lama met at the White House with Vice President Al Gore.

"The president and the vice president lauded the Dalai Lama's resolve, consistent commitment to nonviolence and his pragmatic approach to negotiations with China,'' a White House statement said.

The low-key nature of the meeting appeared intended to avoid putting a deeper strain on U.S.-Chinese relations, already chilled by disputes over human rights, trade and Beijing's export of missile technology. China considers Tibet part of its territory.

Clinton expressed concern for the preservation of Tibetan religion and culture, the White House said.

"The United States continues to urge high-level talks between the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama or his representatives to resolve differences,'' the statement added.

The Dalai Lama, in Washington on a private visit, met with members of Congress on Tuesday.

Subject: Church of Scientology ordered to return files to critic

DENVER (Reuter) - A judge Tuesday ordered the Church of Scientology to return research files on the church that had been assembled by a critic and former member.

The decision, by U.S. District Court Judge John Kane, reversed a fellow judge who last month ordered the material seized and given to the church.
Larry Wollersheim, a former member, operates a computer bulletin board via on-line services that distributes information critical of the church.
Wollersheim and the church are involved in a long-standing dispute over what he calls "mind control.'' But the church argues his actions are an attempt to discredit the religion.

Another judge had granted a branch of the chuurch, The Teligious Technology Center, authority to seize the files on the church's claim Wollersheim violated copyright and trademark laws.

But Kane did not accept that argument. "The public interest is best served by the free exchange of ideas,'' Kane said in refusing the church's request to keep the files. The original seizure order came under a preliminary injunction.

Subject: Cult leader collected followers' pubic hair-paper

TOKYO (Reuter) - Shoko Asahara, imprisoned leader of Japan's Aum cult, was interested in more than just Armageddon and mass murder -- he was also an avid collector of pubic hairs, a newspaper reported Wednesday.
Asahara, accused of crimes including the sarin gas murders on Tokyo's subway, got the hairs from some of the 30 or 40 women followers with whom he slept, the Nikkan Sports quoted unidentified Aum Shinri Kyo (Aum Supreme Truth Sect) members and former members as saying.
Women who declined his advances eventually found themselves ostracized in the cult. Those who accepted were promoted. After the encounters, Asahara asked for a pubic hair as a souvenir.

"After the act, the guru would say, 'Just as a memento', and pulled one out,'' one lapsed member told the paper.

Another woman, still a follower, told the paper he filed each hair in a small plastic bag, and kept them in bottles.

"The guru showed me his collection once,'' she said. "Each hair was neatly stored in its own plastic bag and put in a bottle. A holy name (a follower's cult name) was written on each bottle and they included some of the most senior women in the sect.''

Asahara, 40, is married and has six children with his wife. But he told other women followers that having sex with him would increase their energy levels.

He appears in court next month on charges including murder and attempted murder for March's sarin nerve gas attacks on the Tokyo subway, which killed 11 people and made over 5,500 ill, and another sarin attack last year that killed seven.

Hair played an important part in the Aum's rituals, and many followers have said that they drank "tea'' made by pouring hot water on hairs of Asahara's head.

Subject: Buchanan rallies Christians for cultural war

WASHINGTON (Reuter) - Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan Wednesday urged Christians to mobilize for a religious and cultural war against secular education.

Buchanan, a right-wing TV commentator and columnist, is vying for second place in most polls of Republican presidential hopefuls, far behind the frontrunner, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole.

Although poorly funded compared to some other candidates, Buchanan has captured the enthusiasm of many religious conservatives by presenting himself, not only as the most conservative man in the race, but as the only candidate ready to lead a crusade against what he terms as the liberal, secular establishment.

"There is a cultural war going on and America's schools are on the front line. The strategic objectives in that war are the hearts and minds of America's children,'' Buchanan told a conference of Christian educators.
He said liberal teachers and intellectuals who controlled some of the country's universities "loath America's past, American history and are trying to inculcate those ideas in America's children.''

"The great struggle today, I believe, is between the secularism, hedonism and imperialism that's all around us and the culture and civilization that are deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian values and the affirmative truths of our Christian faith,'' Buchanan said.

"Let me say, onward Christian soldiers and men and women of goodwill everywhere, marching to Armageddon to do battle for the Lord,'' he said as the audience erupted into applause and then into a rendition of the hymn, "Onward Christian Soldiers.''

His audience, the American Association of Christian Schools, is committed to teaching creationist science -- the theory that holds that the biblical story of creation is the literal truth and that the scientific explanation of evolution is false.

Buchanan, a one-time speechwriter for President Richard Nixon and senior aide to President Ronald Reagan, ran unsuccessfully for the White House in 1992 when he first sounded his "cultural war'' theme.

He delivered a strident speech at the 1992 Republican convention in which he vowed to "take back America, street by street, block by block.'' The speech was credited by some with setting a tone that alienated many voters and helped the campaign of Democratic candidate Bill Clinton.

Buchanan mocked Dole for failing to carry out a promise to shut down the Education Department, a favorite target of the Christian right and other conservatives who feel the federal government has no place in education.
He said if the department survived this year's budget process it would be "Bob Dole's Department of Education.'' But if Buchanan was elected, he would close it instantly.

He also promised to close the National Endowment for the Arts and fumigate its building.

Subject: Internet is computer red-light district

NEWCASTLE, England (Reuter) - The Internet is fast becoming an electronic red-light district, distributing violent pornography and helping organize pedophile rings, a computer expert said Tuesday.

But there is still no reliable way of detecting or intercepting disturbing messages or images to protect vulnerable users like children, Professor Harold Thimbleby told Britain's most prestigious annual science festival.
"Some people see the Internet and the World Wide Web as an important step toward democracy, education and peace, and of benefit to everyone from children to entire nations. They see Utopia in the electronic 'global village','' Thimbleby said.

"The reality is rather different from the vision. The Internet brings pornography and computer viruses; it tells you how to take drugs and make bombs,'' Thimbleby told the festival of the British Association, which promotes science in Britain.

"The Internet has been called a global electronic village. If so, most of it is a heavily used red-light district.''

Pornography, much of it far more graphic than that available in sex shops, was easily available.

"I have found text, film and sound material that I find extremely disturbing, for example involving instructions for killing minors,'' the professor of computing research said.

Paedophiles and other groups use the net to organize rings and meetings for sexual and other encounters.

"Some bulletin boards were supposedly in aid of victims, but were also used to make new contacts and to share techniques of, for instance, child entrapment,'' he said.

Thimbleby said the top eight most frequently used "search words'' on the Internet related to pornography.

His research also showed that more than 10 percent of shops on the Internet sold erotica, while around 10 percent of bulletin boards accessed in a random sample were pornographic.

Current efforts to screen offensive material include self- censorship by sites on the net, who restrict access to adults, and software which can be installed on a computer to stop users like children getting hold of disturbing material.
But none of the systems were foolproof, Thimbleby said.


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