something about slack

From: (Peter Hipwell)
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 (NENSLO) writes:
> And I "quote:"
> If slack pervades all, if slack is immovable, full, undivided,
>then I see no division. How can it have interior or exterior? The whole
>universe shines undivided and unbroken. Oh, the Conspiracy, the great
>delusion - the imagination of duality and nonduality! Always "not this,
>not this" to both the formless and the formed. Only Slack exists,
>transcending difference and nondifference.
> Of what use is much vain talk? All this is mere conjecture.
> -Dattatreya Avadhut

"Have you seen him?"
"I may have," the priest replied quietly.
"That means he is still here."
The priest lost his patience. "He's everywhere," he said angrily.
"Why don't you go now. They want your gold, not your life."
She eyed him frankly. "You go, if you're so afraid."
The priest could not hold her gaze. "I'm only afraid of you," he said softly.
"Because you have your crazy dreams?"
He turned away from her, went to the bench and ran his hands over the
angel upon which he had been working.
"Do you still keep your vows, father?" she said to his back.
He shook his head. "You know I don't, senora."
He heard the rustle of clothing behind him and thought she had turned
from him in disgust. But the sound went on for a long time and he
could hear her breathing become rapid.

-- from "A Town Called Bastard" by William Terry.


From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)

On 05-28-96, wrote:
> Dennis McClain-Furmanski ( wrote:
> : I see. Now I understand. I no longer care. Never mind. And thank
> you.

Thank you very much. I appreciate that. I don't want it.

Though I *would* like an all expenses paid weekend trip to
alt.buddha.short.fat.guy. They would have explained it thusly:

1. Have a cigar.
2. Mu.

(I dunno, it still sounds awfully Zen when you try to talk about it. Maybe
it's just Zenlike noises. You know, 'if the Master smacks you on the head
in the forest, does anyone care if you yell?', that kind of thing.)

* 2qwk! 2.0 * The worst ice cream flavor is probably squirrel.

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