something else about slack

From: (NENSLO)
Date: 3 Jun 1996

Those who are fortunate in being owners of Revelation X may
increase their knowledge of slack by casting an eyeball toward PAGE TWO of
that book, for the purpose of examining this rendition of the classical
is/is not triangular diagram.
It can be a helpful exercise to create your own triangular
diagram. To do this, first draw a roughly equilateral triangle. Label
two of the vertices (the "points") any pair of opposites you find
interesting or disturbing. Label the third vertex "slack." The third
point of a triangle TRANSCENDS the one-dimensionality of theline segment
bounded by the two opposed vertexual points. Slack TRANSCENDS the
feedback interplay between opposites - light/dark, happy/sad, and so on,
and defines a new dimension of existence. AND YET, since the array is
essentially TWO-DIMENSIONAL, it can be transcended by addition of a fourth
point, that somethingness beyond mere slack.



From: (D.C.K.)

Fuck that, sounds Zen to me. If you meet the Buddha, buttfuck the Buddha,
and tell him he's a fuck! UNless ofcourse, you are promoting that which is
beyond slack. I'll drink to that! It's all about chasing your desires,
while transcending them. Kinda like, "I'd love to have hot steamy sex
with Nenslo in a sauna, but if it doesn't happen, then I didn't want it
anyway!" But then I would keep on trying, enjoying myself all the while.
Alright, true enough slack does transcend happy/sad, but if it ain't happy
slack then I'm not interested, see what I'm gettin' at. And neither should
you. Nenslo, are you depressed? I can change that for you, for a small
price. I've turned my own chronic depression around, with a little


From: (Lou Duchez) (Dennis McClain-Furmanski) wrote:
> Page 160 is much clearer.
> Someone should scan it in and post it to the binaries. We can invite the
> neo-techs over so they can see where Zontar REALLY fits in.

I like Joe Doakes. His cigarette looks much more dapper than that
godawful pipe.

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