From: (Rickenharp)
Date: 3 Oct 1995

I've been reading in the paper about Tony Alamo, the crooked "Christian"
cult leader from Los ANgeles, and how he stole his wife's body (seriously)
from her mausoleum and hid it...Kept saying it was going to RISE AGAIN
till it got rotten...has eleven year old kids beaten in his cult, etc
etc...and then I think about Our Sacred Scribe, Stang...WHAT A WIMP IN
COMPARISON. Other cults have real men of action, like Jim Jones and David

But...Stang? He's known to be faithful to his wife. NOt a drug addict
(frop don't count), has polite Texas ways, kind to goes ON
AND ON. I'm ashamed to have him for a cult leader. He's practically a boy

But wait...I begin to see. My other sources - secret sources (one Douglass
SMith of Dallas has ratted on Stang) - revealing to me that his past is
awash with sacred atrocities. Why he's just been cleverer about hiding
them! I have DOCUMENTED PROOF, in the form of doctored tapes, that STANG
has been "saving" animals from vivisectors as if he were a friend of
ANimal Rights...and then SELLING THEM TO MEAT FACTORIES! MONKEY MEAT IN YOUR BURGER. Stang has had hundreds of Bobbies come tohis house and forced them to GNAW the old lead-base paint from the walls so's they can repaint it. Some of them he guts, and he defecates into their bowels through the cut because, he says, "It ain't right that the Great Stang should ever have to crap for himself. You do it for me, BOBBIE!" Then he covers them with tar and old cat fur and sells 'em to the slaughterhouse as "rare
species of cattle"! Stang has had sex with EVERY woman in Dallas,
literally every one, using a hypnotic device that enables him to put them
in trances in their gynocologist's office (the Gynecologist is his
confederate, filming Stang's sleazy conquests and SELLING THEM as "amateur
sex videos" the Porn world Stang is known as the Elephant Man - and
it ain't cause his head is deformed). Stang has even had sex with the BAG
LADIES while waxing poetic about the layers of hu;man grease on their
gruesomely malodorous persons. "This here slick, slimy layer of flesh
eatin' bacteria's and aggregate sweat on this rug-haired babe is like a
love potion to me, G'Broagh'Fran Apostophilia!"


Stang was recently seen in the company of Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie and
the Monkey - had sex with all three then sold the monkey to the
slaughterhouse. Michael is heartbroken. Also rectally broken.

Stang has...Wait a damn minute...thugs...thugs at my door...they're
wearing SubG armbands...And I see something that looks like a Gray alien
but with hornrim glasses - He's got a gun! Someone -

Nothing. Everything I said before is a lie. Stang is good. Stang is strong
and good. We must obey him.

Rev. John Shirley

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