Stang's Pro-Nickie Rant


future Monsignor ( wrote:
> And whats with all the Rev. Nickie bashing. Shes only being herself
> and quoting prescripture (which I think is pretty cool). The only
> entertainment I get out of all this "Nickie Picky" stuff is I can count
> all the kooks as they emerge from their cracks to confront her. I love
> to count.

That's it. I think we're onto something. Nickie's function in the Church -- one of them anyway -- may well be as a sort of "flypaper for kooks." Something about her true SubGenius personality causes an "allergic reaction," one might call it, in certain types of people. The Nickie "meme" prompts whatever is most warped, frustrated, vindictive, cracker and Pink in a person to come erupting to the surface... where "antibodies" of the Church Body such as myself, for instance, or Dr. Legume or G. Gordon Gordon, et al can identify and at least neutralize them from spreading further into our respective spheres of influence. Nickie is a "geiger counter" that reveals Pinkness and makes it get LOUDER AND LOUDER the closer she gets to it. I for one do not envy Nickie in this role, but she has certainly saved ME a hell of a lot of trouble. I can sit here at my Analyzer and follow the patterns of the fields around her from afar, and spot ahead of time those who may not be quite able to take the joke when the big punchline comes down.

I'm a Rev. Nickie Deathchick fan, and I was long before she and Will got all sweetie-cutey-pooty-tooty. On account of her WRITING, on this NEWSGROUP. I think Rev. Nickie's REAL FUNNY, and some of you are JUST PLAIN JEALOUS because she doesn't get REAL LIFE all mixed up with the fucking INTERNET!!! SHEESH!! YOU PEOPLE!!!! Look to your hearts and root out the ENVY, it's the UGLIEST vice.

Stang Has Spoken Again

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