SubGenius: The Hidden Threat

From: (Curtis R. Anderson)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996

wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell) decided to enlighten us

Modemac <> wrote:
>****************** Deleted ******************
>>SubGenius are prominent in drug advocate, anarchist, communist and
>>militia movements. They will be found in any movement which opposes
>>and hastens the destruction of society.
>This is untrue. I know of no SubGenii in any militia.
>I have tried repeatedly to start a SubGenius militia but so far have
>failed due to lack of interest.

I'm sorry, this anarchic militia meeting has been cancelled due to lack
of interest in "Bob"'s bank account.

>Ohh, they like to fire off their submachine guns and stuff like that, but
>try to organize these people. You can't even get them to pick up their
>empty cartridges.

Yeah, those Orientals want all the spent casings so they can melt the
brass down for all those pretty brass ornaments and nicknacks made in
Korea or Taiwan.

You can't fire blanks anywhere at night without seeing them pop out of
the bushes and ginseng plants with flashlights ready to pick up the
brass and save it for themselves.

Then again, live fire can be strange for the target crew down "in the
butts" when they have to paste the "Bob" or LRH bull targets.

When one misses "Bob", do they wave the red "Connie's Drawers" instead
of using "Maggie's Drawers"? Or is it "Vera's Drawers"?

Curtis R. Anderson, "Official Chicken Breeder of Hill 10", SP 2.5?, KoX
"Psychiatrists --- they're everywhere! God bless 'em." --Me

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