SubGenius, Pink, Bobbie

From: (cuthulu)
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996

For those participating in certain other threads, here is a set of
criteria you can use:

Pink: Smiles to your face, stabs you in the back.
Bobbie: Smiles to your face, stabs you in the chest.
SubGenius: Idiot grin of glee while using BIG RED STRAPS.

Pink: Reports your infractions and bad attitude to the "boss."
Bobbie: Threatens to tell the "boss" if you don't agree to a bribe.
SubGenius: Joins in.

Pink: Complains about free food.
Bobbie: Eats the hell out of it.
SubGenius: Realizes that nothing is ever offered truly free.

Feel free to tack more on.

Kevan Smith --> Perth -->
baffling yet true
secrets of the panther moderns


From: (Rev. BuckWheat)

Pink: Calls everyone a Bobbie

Bobbie: Calls everyone a Pink

SubGenius: Calls everyone a mucid foul-mouthed dick-shitting disgusting
misogynistic misanthropic sack-of-pus evil shit-spewing hellspawn
boot-licking ill-mannered trash-talking hate-filled no-sense-making
begging-for-an-ass-kicking scum-sucking trailer-park shithole-for-a-mouth
white-trash unrepentantly-and-wickedly-perverse hunchbacked socially-
inept toadlike maggoty boorish sexually-undesirable invective-spouting
Dobbslobbering backwards manic creepy unfit-for-human-consumption
worthless crappy ratlike wholly-devoid-of-virtue lacking-in-
any-sort-of-grace-or-erudition toejam dingleberry snotty revolting I-
language-to-describe-what-a-freakish-monstrosity-you-are irritating
corrupt unredeemable can't-be-allowed-sharp-objects no-neuron nazi
hopeless utterly-incredible-in-your-astoundingly-bad-taste onerous
wanker's-elbow-suffering flame-inviting classless clue-repulsing arrogant
trying-on-one's-patience space-wasting limp fearlessly-posting-disgusting-
insults-with-an-anonymous-handle dishonorable filthy debased ordure-
eating raving insulting bringing-a-fucking-penknife-of-an-intellect-to-a-
nukefest-of-a-battle-of-wits cursed addled whiny sunken-chest humorless
name-calling rent-boy hemorrhoidal mucus-dripping vomitous piss-poor
pathetic-excuse-for-a-piece-of-shit painful eye-rollingly-subhuman
neanderthal glassy-eyed living-proof-of-why-cousins-shouldn't-marry
beastly incapable-of-coming-to-terms-with-your-own-wretched-existence
inexcusable lobotomized threat-to-the-gene-pool needing-of-professional-
supervision vile awful god-damnedest sickeningly-ugly spiritually-devoid
reprehensible walking-advertisement-for-a-state-sponsored-sterility-program

backwards-poop-dog-hat-wearing bastige.


From: (Eric the Fruitbat)

>cuthulu wrote:
>Pink: Thinks life is fair
>Bobbie: Complains that life isn't fair
>SubGenius: Makes life unfair for Pinks and Bobbies.
>Pink: Is dull
>Bobbie: Is cool
>SubGenius: doesn't give a damn about anyone's opinion
>Pink: Moralizes about his virtue
>Bobbie: Brags about his vices
>SubGenius: Researchs novel new vices

Pink: Worries that funding for matter-conversion experiments is being misspent
Bobbie: Eagerly volunteers for unspecified work in matter-conversion experiment
SubGenius: Runs matter-conversion experiments for own secret ends, is using Bobbies for their raw mass.


From: (NENSLO)

How about

Pink: Needs to have everything defined.
Bobbie: Needs to write definitions.
SubGenius: Needs another cup of coffee.


From: (cuthulu) (NENSLO) wrote:
>How about
>SubGenius: Needs another cup of coffee.

need -- the greatest tool of the CON.

Well, fuck it! I don't need this SHIT!

Once you say that, and feel it at the core, you've taken the first step
to realizing your abnormality.

Need is a weapon turned against you. Need is the cause of love, and look
at the mess we're in because of that. HATE = LOVE.



From: (Lou Duchez)

Pink: doesn't spend time worrying about Pink vs. Bobbie vs. SubGenius
Bobbie: is convinced she knows who is Pink, Bobbie, and SubGenius
SubGenius: doesn't spend time worrying about Pink vs. Bobbie vs. SubGenius


From: dode <> "cuthulu" writes:
> need -- the greatest tool of the CON.

Ah need and want our oldest, bestest (DON'T BLAME ME IF ROYALTY CAN GET
AWAY WITH IT THEN SO CAN I, besides I give better toe jobs) of friedends.

How many times have we got to relearn, need is need, slack and need can
coexist. Want is the need the CON need (H'm can someone phrase that better
please), those strange twinges you get to own THINGS! like this fucking
stupid looking TV, my HiFi, Cd's, tapes, a new program to make this stupid
looking TV more eediot friendly, a newer faster even more stupid looking
TV because this one is too old and too slow and can not run the latest most
eediot friendly program and It will not let me use true colour images of
nekkid wimmin as wallpaper Ahuk Ahuk.

Now I need another cup of coffee, I really need one, I don't want one I

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