DOBBS GETS ME FIRED -- How it Started

Here is the original article that got me canned and brought government retribution down upon my head. This was related to Jim and Dennis campaigning for Dennis' assassination. I took it hook, line, sinker.

Andy Testa

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Subject: Re: jesus, the blue-eyed honkey devil
From: (Andrew J. Testa)
Date: 1996/05/10
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Jim Vandewalker posted:

* ANDY'S BACK! First P-Kitty and now Andy! AWWWRIGHT! Just in time for the * assassinations.

Well, ain't you a sweety. Yeah, the prozac's about worn off now and the ol' tubesnake is working again, which means the wife and I are speaking again, and all's right with the world. At least, in my own little corner of hell. And hell, with Pee Kitty back, and Dyna and GGG furiously butt- fucking each other into a creaming orgy of mutual loathing, with Lou pissing on GGG each time he rolls into range, well, does it get any better than this or what? Time to start posting again.

* Lissen Andy: I got a gig as front man for the Bilderberg Group and we're * putting together an assassination plot for Dyna-Soar's Presidential * campaign. (See the Vote for Dyna thread, this ng) We got an opening for a * Lone Nut(tm). Means you get a great solo part. How 'bout it?

All-fuckin'-Right! A Lone-Nut(tm) role up front? Don't have to do time with the small shit,eh?

Okay, I'll take it, but do I get script approval? Like, I don't wanna have to do a Unabomber, where it takes them 20 years to catch me. I wanna do the Blaze-o'-Glory. Run onstage at the convention and give him a bear hug and a sloppy kiss with a bundle of dynamite shoved up my ass. That okay?
Plus, I'll need some Militia business cards to put in my pockets before hand. Maybe a WatchTower too.

* Jim the Profit

BTW: does anyone else think "Blue-Eyed Honkey Devil Jesus" is inspired, or am I just an idiot?

Andy Testa

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