DOBBS GETS ME FIRED -- follow-up

Holy One,

Yeah, it's me again. I won't forward any of the followups to my posts on getting Serviced, but if you want to see what follows, I'll remind your scribeness that alt.slack is archived on DejaNews, which can be accessed from the Web browser of choice.

gets you to the search page. If you enter me in there, "" it'll give you links to everything I've posted. Also it gives links to the THREADS in which I've posted, so you can click on "Dobbs gets me fired" and see all the followups to my posts. It's a powerful way to read news you don't get or to fill in when the local feed is fucked.

Andy Testa (KoX - SP4) Acid's like a woman: a good one will eat right through your pants.
Vote Dobbs/Xenu in '96! -Mel Gibson

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