Why alt.slack is alt.flame?

From: nenslo@teleport.com (NENSLO)
Date: 18 Jan 1996

David Lynch (eraserhead@iglou.com) wrote:
: And why does everyone insist on officially throwing someone out of
: just turn a blind eye to this misbegotten thread?

Wellsir, y'see what happens is that there's these real obnoxious
folks that will sometimes come into a newsgroup and be real obnoxious and
when they do what happens is that people respond to these real obnoxious
folks just the way they would in real life withthe one exception that it
is not possible to actually hurt them physically, and then when these
real obnoxious persons catch on to the fact that by being real real
obnoxious they have made a bunch of people HONESTLY HATE THEIR GOD DAMN GUTS they need to figure some way of bailing out without losing face
before themselves, so they act all hurt and pretend like they are getting
victimized by all these bad old people who just don't realize their true
greatness and who are so damn dumb they can't tell the difference between
being fantastically witty and bright and entertaining and being a total
jerkwad cheeseheaded fuckface, so they say they are getting "thrown out"
of the newsgroup, which there is NO ACTUAL WAY ON EARTH TO DO TO SOMEBODY.

Y'see, you can't throw anybody out of a newsgroup, officially or
unofficially. Back when a certain person was getting its ass whupped for
being so unbelievably obnoxious and stupid I exchanged quite a bit of
personal email withthat person who kept telling me how they hoped we were all happy we were being evil censors and throwing that person out of the newsgroup and I kept saying nobody's throwing anybody out of any
newsgroup, nobody CAN throw anybody out of any newsgroup, but if you act
like too much of a jerk you are going to get a certain type of reaction
from people and that's the type of reaction you are getting, is what I
said to that person, who just ignored it and and acted terribly hurt at
how cruel we all were.

So there you go. If the audience throws tomatoes it's not because
you suck, it's because they just don't understand your genius.

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