"Bob" sighting (cinema)

By NENSLO (nenslo@teleport.com)
Date: 14 Apr 1995

I thought you folks ought to know of a movie in which "Bob" is a CHARACTER. I know sometimes we find movies in which "Bob" actually appears (for example, one shot of the "man in the car" sequence in The Creeping Terror - not the whole sequence, just that one shot) but in one of my favorite films he is played by an actor so obscure even mighty I don't know what else he was in.

In the movie I MARRIED A WOMAN, starring George Gobel (reason enough for yeti interest) has wife trouble with shapely Diana Dors - she wants him to be MORE OF A MAN. Pipe-smoking dark-haired neighbor "Bob" tries to "help out" by attempting to make Lonesome George jealous - by MAKING A PLAY FOR HIS BEST FRIEND'S WIFE. Well. Love that "Bob."

"Bob" is played by either William Redfield or Steve Dunne, according to the cover of the MasConProg Archive copy. If I had a TV I'd probably be watching this fine film - or better yet, my FAVORITE movie, ROLL FREDDY ROLL starring Tim Conway - instead of doing this. --

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