Dick Nixon on guitar

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Joe Newman (gunther@bga.com) wrote:

: I'm glad you mentioned this. I'd like to see more discussion on : the toiletries used by Nixon. Not just soap, but also shaving : cream and salves. Especially salves.

Well, I gotta be honest, I don't know jack shit about shaving cream or salves. but I intend to send mail to the president asking what soaps are used at the White House. You can enquire about President Clinton's salves by sending e-mail to president@whitehouse.gov.

: Like most Presidents, I suspect Nixon had hair growing in his : nose and ears. Does anyone know how he dealt with this? Did he : trim them back, or sometimes uproot them entirely? And this makes : me wonder what he did with the trimmings.

Again, I'm no expert on presidential hygeine, but I know most presidents had make-up artists, and if Nixon's ear and face hair was a problem, it would certainly be taken care of. I seriously doubt that any special treatment would be given to his detritus.

: I've heard that when he and Pat weren't speaking, he'd have huge : bowel movements and not flush the toilet.

The maids and housekeepers would probably flush for him if he "forgot". In fact, I would be extremely surprised to learn otherwise. Has anyone here ever gone on a tour of the White House? Or at least met with Eastern European vice-presidents?


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