Seen "Bob" lately?

Date: 15 Feb 1995 03:36:18 -0500


>>>Any "Bob" sightings?<<<

I saw BOB once in Kentucky. He was standing among a flock of sheep. I pulled my car over to get a closer look. He didn't notice. I saw him unzip his pants, and his penis sprang forth like Medusa's hair! He copulated with 35 or 40 sheep, **at the same time!**

I woke up 3 days later, in a cheap hotel in Arizona. My head hurt. I couldn't find my glasses or my left shoe. My car was gone, but I didn't give a damn! I didn't even report it missing, to save talking to those neon pink-boy cops. I had SLACK! AFHGHGHGH!

I eventually got my car back. I found it in my driveway. The keys were wrapped in $100 bills and stuck under the mat. Hell yeah! YEAH! FULL ON SLACK!!!



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