A Visitation

By no (ear@fred.com)
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 95 00:05:38 ADT

Something odd happened today.

I was hanging out with my friend Fred, playing stoopid computer games and enjoying a hearty bowl of Alaskan Thunderfrop, and Fred mentioned tht he had seen a place here in Anchorage called Bob and Connie's Pawn Shop. We stepped out onto the back porch for a bit, and Fred's roommate found a sort of a Ward Cleaverish looking pipe on the ground. . . apparently it had been there all winter, as it was scant inches from the edge of the rapidly receding mound of snow in Fred's backyard.
I'm not making this up -- if I were, it would be much more entertaining than the fairly meager little anecdote that it is. The question is. . . what does it *mean*?

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- From: testa@starbase.neosoft.com (Andrew J. Testa) Subject: Re: A Visitation

It means that Jackass Dobbs is probably frozen under the REST of the mound, AGAIN!

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