Towards a FAQ

By (cuthulu)

1. What is slack?

"a surge of uncorrupted gumption, an explosion of the "self" -- not
obliterating it, but BLOATING it.". -pg 65.

"Abstract unto incomprehensibility, it is the definitionless,
insubstantial substance of the All -- the ISness of the BIZness." -pg 63

2. What's a subgenius?

"All SubGenii, no matter their "racial background." are KIN! We as a
World Cult are bonded together by mere threads, but they are threads of
titanium steel forged in the mines of Jupiter, for the link of blood is
the strongest. We are Wotan's prime breeding stock, and no matter how
different our shade of skin colors may be, we carry in our DNA a common
code -- a tracking device, so to speak, implanted by our Monster Lord
YEA so many millions of years ago. Humans lack this code and have tried
to snuff it for millennia." -pg. 85.

3. Who is "Bob?"

"He's the good guy, or at least the opposite of the bad guy." - pg. 58.

4. What's a yeti?

An abominable snowman.

5. I don't get it.

Send a measly dollar bill, US, to:

The SubGenius Foundation
P.O. Box 140306
Dallas, Tx 75214

"Quarks, Kooks, Heretics,
Lunatics, Defilers of God,
Set off in leaky vessels
Towards holes in the horizon"
philip glass, the voyage

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