alt.slack in New Book

From: (Michael Wolff)
Date: 9 Dec 1994

This is the description of alt.slack that's in our new book Net Chat, in
bookstores now. We've tried to be fair, accurate, responsible, etc. But,
of course, we still might have gotten it all wrong. Let us know. We're
doing new editions all the time.

BTW, we'd like to create an alt.netchat group to talk about new groups,
hot discussions, dumb flames, and smart people online. Any interest?

Contact us at

Here's the blurb from Net Chat (Random House, 320 pages):

Not a Generation-X thing. Not a Texas art-film thing. Here the concept of
slack is a little more, well, organized. Organized into a religion, in
fact: the Church of the SubGenius. We cant tell you what slack is,
exactly, because weve resisted indoctrination and havent sent any money
to Rev. J. R. MailBobSave As... Dobbs. We do know that your entire life, the
Conspiracy has been trying to take slack away from you, and "Bob" will
help you get it back. Act now, because in 1998 the world will end and you
will want to be on the flying saucers, not left earthbound with all the
"pinks" The churchgoers here have a weakness for cascades-- series of
one-line messages posted in quick succession--and for quoting the Goon
Show and They Might Be Giants.

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