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Subject: FAQ
From: (NENSLO)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.subgenius

Welcome to alt.religion.subgenius, a newsgroup with rather too long a name
but one which, it is hoped, will provide what we always say we want
whenever there is duplication of services - an "alternative" to whatever it
was we had before.

While alt.slack is a catch-all Grand Central Station of the
NetChurch of the SubGenius, alt.religion.subgenius will hopefully strive to
live up to its name and be a spot where the religious aspects of the
SubGenius faithlessness and its relationship with other religious
phenomena may be pondered and endlessly gnawed over. For many SubGenii
the Church is a place utterly free from religion and we hope that they
will bring some of that spirit to life here.

I am Nenslo, I have claimed this newsgroup as My Own and I am writing
this FAQ-substitute because I want to beat anyone else to it. I especially
hope to inspire Onan, the SubGenius answer man, to maintain a presence here
and provide answers for some of the vexing doctrinal problems which
frequently arise.

The primary texts of the Church are The Book of the SubGenius, the
newly released Revelation X, and Three-fisted Tales of "Bob," a
collection of some of the thousands of folktales and legends associated
with "Bob" and the church.

The Church of the SubGenius uses the "court jester" survival
technique; if it's disguised as a foolish jest you can get away with
stating the horrible facts and live to do it again tomorrow. For maximum
impact it is suggested that those ufamiliar with the church follow the
time-honored path of placing a dollar bill (US) in an envelope and
RealMailing it to The SubGenius Foundation, P.O. Box 140306, Dallas, TX
75214. This will answer your questions much better than we could do here.

Send One Dollar to box 86582 Portland OR 97286

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