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:Church of the SubGenius: n. A mutant offshoot of
{Discordianism} launched in 1981 as a spoof of fundamentalist
Christianity by the `Reverend' Ivan Stang, a brilliant satirist
with a gift for promotion. Popular among hackers as a rich source
of bizarre imagery and references such as "Bob" the divine
drilling-equipment salesman, the Benevolent Space Xists, and the
Stark Fist of Removal. Much SubGenius theory is concerned with the
acquisition of the mystical substance or quality of `slack'.


In short, this is a religion devoted to Slack for the true Beautants, and the destruction of all that stands in our various ways. It is the most radical disorganization that exists in our disgusting political climate, but because it is also artistic it doesn't get credit from the MERE-HUMES in politics. There are several books, albums, etc. that will clue you in. Send either $1 or $30 or $100 to SubGenius, Box 140306 Dallas TEXAS 75214 for detailed explanations in print and/or audio/video tape.


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