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From: (Video Jesus) wrote:
: What exactly is this Church of Subgenius? I used to listen to a radio show
: in cleveland called "The hour of slack" and they mentioned the church of
: subg. a couple of times. If any one has some spare time, please drop me a
: line

The Church of the SubGenius is the *greatest* and _longest_ traveling
salesman joke ever told. Search out the _Book_ _of_ _the_ SubGenius_
(author is J.R. "Bob" Dobbs) or _Revelation-X_, _The_ _"Bob"acryphon_
(edited by Ivan Stang) at your local book stores or mail a dollar for
the Church Pamphlet. Either way, if you just peruse the book before
buying it or if you send the buck, either way, it's no loss.

The scope of the joke is so vast, that it's difficult to summarize
and the art work that goes along with it is essential to understanding
it. Religion, politics, and the American Dream are all prime targets.
There's a complex theology drawn from H.P. Lovecraft, Eric Von Daniken,
Carlos Castaneda, Jim Jones, Elron Hubbard, and just about every other
religion dead or alive. The politics seems to be inspired by Ann Rand
and/or Attila the Hun. The American Dream is presented as something
that the world owes you and you don't have to work for. And there's
all sorts of kook stuff like conspiracy theories, UFO's, mysticism,
charlatanism, etc.

Plus you get to learn a special language (or jargon) sort of like
something out of Clockwork Orange or 1984. And there's music to
top it off. Not to mention the video and the "Barrage" tapes which
serve as additional entertaining propaganda.

Oh, and there's slogans and catch phrases:

Since science and religion are both equally valid, the answer is "Bob."

"Bob" is not the answer, but neither is anything else.

Epopt of the Exploding Head of JFK. Lincesed to blaspheme the Gods
My skull is bigger on the inside than the outside!
Send $1 to SubGenius Foundation, P.O. Box 140306, Dallas TX 75214


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