My take on it: the FAQ should be apparently nonsensical,

with a deeper
meaning to it that the discerning might pick up on. A good rant by
Rev. Stang might even be the FAQ; hopefully it would touch on "Bob",
Slack, JHVH-1, 7/9/98, etc. People might look at the FAQ and conclude,
"they're a bunch of lunatics", and that's okay. Or, the latent Sub might
read it and see some hidden truth in it and know to look into the group.

At the very least, it would give people some idea as to what to expect
from alt.slack. I'd like to give off the impression that we DON'T want
crap crossposted to us, that we are NOT the same thing as the "kibology"
group. We have *standards* of blather here, which I guess is what really
chaps my ass about the rampant crossposting of late: so much of it is
so third-rate, so masturbatorial in nature. I liked Lt. Wilkes'
crossposts because the guy was funny and original. But these cascades
and these posts that do nothing except say, "you misspelled kibo / fnord",
are embarassing to be associated with.

The causes of all violence in the world, according to Gandhi:
Wealth w/o Work Commerce w/o Morality Politics w/o Principle
Pleasure w/o Conscience Science w/o Humanity Rights w/o Responsibility
Knowledge w/o Character Worship w/o Sacrifice


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