Review of THE BOOK by WEJOT68!

Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995

Book Review -- The Book of the Subgenius

"The Book of the Subgenius" by "Bob" et al. Simon & Schuster, $10.95

"Bob" wrote "The Book of the Subgenius" as a series of pamphlets during
the '50's and '60's, exposing what he'd learned about the conspiracy
"from the inside". He was a former high-level gov't intelligence and
enforcement agent. After leaving this dubious profession, he travelled
extensively and learned many things from Native American elders and
Oriental monks. In writing this book he had a little help from his
friends, in particular Ivan Stang.

He exposed many things which could have gotten him hung for treason, or
worse. So, in order to get away with doing what he did for as long as
possible, he employed heavy sarcasm and disguised his writings as the
{rantings of a lunatic. In order to read it you have to know how to
break the code, otherwise you could come to some very wild conclusions.
A few clues -- the UFO cult that he appears to proseletyse for is a big
satirical model of the "Lie" or "Con" (conspiracy). All of his urgings
to prepare for salvation via abduction by the "X-ists" are actually
irony-coded warnings not to cooperate with any attempts by the Lie to
assimilate us into submission. His posturing as a "Big Daddy" who alone
knows all is actually a tirade against those who make this claim in
earnest. "Bob" is not only the pseudonym of the author, but also
(depending on the context) a sort of catchall codeword for certain
metaphysical concepts relating to energy and consciousness.

Some notes on specific chapters -- "The UFO made me do it" is by far
the clearest and most straightforward section in the book. An early
chapter detailing "Bob"'s background provides information helpful to
breaking the code. A list of prophecies contains bogus events
interspersed with real ones, and the distinction is made by a difference
in typeface. Also in this list, all events are off by one year. The
"Interview with an Overman" is actually a warning against artificial
modification of human beings.

With all this in mind, get your fists around a copy of "The Book of the
Subgenius". You'll probably find it to be the best exposition around of
What's What and Why. Keep it in your chamber of excremeditation and
study it as if your life depended on it! It might well.



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