By (John P. Olinyk)

Well, my two sense about the alt.slack FAQ is thus:

First of all, we SHOULD have one. Better to halve and not knead, etc.,
after all. Furthermore, this provides another outlet for people to use
their brains, instead of being what they consider "slackful" by making
the same stupid jokes over and over until their heads fall off. Mind you,
that can be slackful, but that's not why they're doing it!!!

Any _good_ FAQ is a collection, a distillation of the best of the group.
That's a FAQ, Jack. A FAQ representative of alt.slack would include
tangents, insanity and yuk yuk yuks. Just like any good SubGenius. AND
the FAQ would thumb its electronic nose at PALINDROMES and I*f*r*a*i*n
and such drek.

The FAQ is an opportunity to let latent SubG's know what is up. We can't
show them the insane brilliance of the Book of the SubG, they have to BUY
that! But we can lure them in... and GET 'em!

I would like to volunteer my services as Slack Collector. If you have
anything you think would belong in alt.slack, please email to me at . Or sumpin.

Thanks, and .... remember... Booze is the Airbrush of Life!!

Subject: Re: SLAQ FAQ
from (Rev. Ivan Stang)

The main thing is to give the newcomers a "linear" place to go... this info sewer is growing very fast and I'd like for SubGenius newcomers to find here a few "explanatory" sections which make it easier for them to deal with all the distractions such as crosspostings. It was certainly confusing when I first started peering into this mess, and that's GOOD, but there should be a little of BOTH explanatory and desplanatory material.

Plus I have all this great shit which you all want to read. What I'm hoping is that you'll see parts of it here, then yearn to see it all in PRINT, ILLUSTRATED, and thus will send $$ for the PRINT subscription.

Rev. Ivan "The Guy To Blame In Lieu of Dobbs" Stang


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