Church Mentioned in Internet Book

From: (Geoffrey H Spear) (Modemac) wrote:
: Methinks it is DEFINITELY time to get things straight about exactly
: WHAT the Church of the SubGenius is.

i'd agree with you, except it's impossible to define exactly what the
Church is, and any attempt is a waste of time.

>Posting a FAQ will get the basics of the Church down for people who just
>think of us as a joke.

is this really what we want? *let* them believe it's all a joke. they're
all dupes of the conspiracy anyway.


Subject: Re: Church Mentioned in Internet Book
From: (Lou DuChez)

But by not dropping subtle hints of the truth, the latent Subs in the
crowd may not find "Bob". And *that* would be a sin. For all we know,
the future CEO of GE is just getting out of college, and surfing the 'Net;
what a coup it would be if we could implant ... messages ... into this
potential Manchurian Candidate.

But frankly, I think that people should see "Bob" and alt.slack as
hopelessly weird. I'd hate to have people think that all we do is
repeat nonsense words.

> fnord.

Yeah, like that.


Subject: Re: Church Mentioned in Internet Book
From: (Cyber Surfer)

An article in the first issue of .net covered the Church. A FAQ would
have helped.

> "But," some people say, "posting a FAQ is so Pink! All you need to do is
> send in your dollar!"

The .net article basically said just that. Refering to BOB (.net's
spelling, not mine), "Unlike other gurus, he is honest about his
intentions - he wants your money." The two paragraphs on the Church
ends with, "As for a FAQ, they're far too slack for that."


Subject: Re: Church Mentioned in Internet Book
From: (Richard Omer) (Modemac) writes:

>"But," some people say, "posting a FAQ is so Pink! All you need to do is
>send in your dollar!"

No. Send in your CHILDREN! SEND YOUR CHILDREN to the CHurch! That's
right, just take a magic marker and scribble:

SubGenius Foundation
P.O. Box 140306
Dallas, TX 75214

or their foreheads! It's the MARK OF THE BEAST and the MARK OF CAIN
all rolled into one. Go ahead and just point your kids in the direction
of Dallas and tell 'em to START MARCHING and DON'T LOOK BACK or else
they'll be turned into a PILLAR OF DUNG!
Arch-Epopt of the Exploding Head of John F. Kennedy and Luv Priest to the Gods!
My skull is bigger on the inside than the outside! J.R. "Bob" Dobbs is my load.
Ob-Bulldada: Send $1 to SubGenius Foundation, P.O. Box 140306, Dallas TX 75214


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