From: ac118@lafn.org (Matthew Carey)

In a previous article, mation@aol.com (Mation) says:

> Well, whatever you do, HAVE FUN! Once all the fake hate is over
>with, FUN is all there is my bros' and sisses.
> Until it's that time..........

Fake hate? Here I am up to my chin in ConDrip and you're going on about
FAKE HATE. I guess we bleed in vain.

THE TIME IS NOW! Don't you get it? Every day is X-day.

But I know how you got confused, m'lad. You've mistaken the training
ground for the battlefield.

The hate here is not FAKE, it's not for FUN. The stuff you have mistaken
for such is most likely really EXPERIMENTAL. Not meant for public
consumption. Why are you in this lab? WHERE'S YOUR SECURITY PASS?
And dammit, put your booties on, you're making static.

There are damn few SubGeniuises, according to my data, that need to be
reminded to have fun. TRUE FUN is instinctive. And often verboten.
That's the point I think you're missing. Much fun is illegal, "immoral",
"uncivilized" and therefore inaccessible. Don't worry about your fun,
worry about your freedom. Once you've got that, the fun'll just come.

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From: IDGHTMS@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU (Zoogz Rift (The Liquid Moamo))

ac118@lafn.org (Matthew Carey) writes:
>Fake hate? Here I am up to my chin in ConDrip and you're going on about
>FAKE HATE. I guess we bleed in vain.

Matt--He didn't mean FAKE--he meant PREDETERMINED...



From: mation@aol.com (Mation)

The "Fake-Hate" I'm talking about is the limp-willed pre-packaged $14.95
hate (in lower case). I'm sure you know what I mean. You see it
everywhere..."Oh, I "hate" Star Trek, your stupid if you don't like
Babylon 5". Or "I hate when someone says something bad about me on
alt.slack". Or, y'know, "I hate ICEKNIFE because he's obnoxious" or "I
hate Stang because I haven't got my Stark Fist...weep...weep...whoa always
me. Fuck that!

You and I, Matt, Have both been reamed out through our souls by the
CON! I, too, have suffered at their hands...just like ALL SubG's. We
recognize that the CON has inspired an all-encompassing SACRED HATE in us that is directed towards the REAL ENEMY. To me, flame wars are not that amusing...but I support the right of those people to get slack however
they can.

Zoogz came real close to understanding what I meant by "Fake-Hate"
when he said "PREDETERMINED" Hate. In fact, He does understand
completely. As a person of obvious SACRED HATE, Matt, I know you
understand too. The Stark Fist shall pound those dupes we hate with such

It's unfortunate that SEMANTICS got in the way of communications, but
that's what happens when we can't see facial expressions or know each
other's orientations. WE FIGHT TOGETHER!!

Anyway, nice to see ya!


P.S. We Bleed NOT in Vain!!!!!!!!!!


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