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Amos Wittenberg <> wrote:
>In article <> "Paul Harvey" writes:
>>Bob Felts <> wrote:
>>>I *am* sinless, however, because I have been washed in the blood
>>>of the Lamb.
>>Sangre del Toro?
>No. It is the equivalent of the blood of the "holy bull" of the Mithras
>worshippers who were also "saved by the blood of the slain one". The
>blood fixation of Bob's sort of Christianity is as pagan as anything.

It goes back further than that. Drink my blood and eat my flesh
is old and every mystery religion along side Xianity did the same.
But it all goes back to Egypt and Osiris, resurrected from teh dead
and now ruler of the Western Lands and those worthy to pass on to the
Western Lands to life everlasting. Jesus was just a Soter God like
Osiris. Egyptians celebrated a 5 day long yearly celebration where the
solemn climax was consecrated barley bread and barley beer. The flesh
and blood of the resurrected King.

Washed in the blood of the Slain King, Egyptians gained rights to
immortality. 3000 years before Christ. Washed in the blood, drinking the
blood and eating the flesh of the savior was old 2000 yeras ago.
Every Christian is really practicing pagan rites when they take
communion or speak of blood. Real christianity died 2000 years ago, all
references to Slack firmly destroyed. Only one apostles is known to have
actually written any thing. According to Papias the first Xian historian,
Matthew wrote a book in Aramaic of the sayings of Jesus. By 100 CE
it was gone, disappeared, suppressed. This we know from Eusebius who
perserved the only fragmants of Papias.

The perverted Egyptian Soter religion with it's blood feasts was
substituted, the Gnostics defeated, the early mentions of Slack
suppressed and the false Gospels hurridly forged and widely distributed.
The SubGenius religion was supressed with Matthew's collection of
sayings for another 1900 years. Only traces of Slack remain in the
teachings of some gnostic groups. And in a few verses of the
Gospel of Thomas. Jesus preached Slack damn it!
It took 1900 years before we could once again speak that word in
the open. Though I confess, I do not know what Aramaic word would have
been used to express that concept. They even stole that from us.

Pope Charles
SubGenius Pope Of Houston


Subject: Re: Messianic History
From: (Jeffrey Bolden)
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wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell) writes:

>Pope Charles
>SubGenius Pope Of Houston

Just so that everyone knows this, the church of the SubGenius is a joke;
sort of a satire on religion. What Mr. Barwell is doing here I don't
know. SubGenius are much more fond of alt.atheism, etc...


Subject: Re: Messianic History
From: (Lou Duchez)
Newsgroups: alt.messianic,talk.religion.misc,alt.slack,alt.pagan (Jeffrey Bolden) wrote:

> Just so that everyone knows this, the church of the SubGenius is a joke;
> sort of a satire on religion.

Actually, the Church of the SubGenius *IS* a real religion; the fact that
it involves humor, makes people believe that it's a joke. Truthfully,
the fact that it involves more humor than guilt explains a lot of its
effectiveness ...

Let us note that, like Buddha, "Bob" wants you to follow your own path.
So in at least one key way, the Church of the SubGenius operates like
the religions of the ascetics of the far east. (In many other ways, it
operates like the brand of "Christianity" practiced by the most lowbrowed
Rednecks.) But that fact that the Church acknowledges its highly
fraudulent nature, only means that it's more honest than other faiths.

Subject: Re: Messianic History
From: (Jeffrey Bolden) writes:

>Just so that everyone knows this, the church of the SubGenius is a joke;

The Church is indeed a "joke". However, the joke is on people like Mr Bolden.
Anthony "SCHWAibo" Hobbs Wellington, NZ
President, "Get a Life" society; Neutopian Minister of Propaganda

"Strange... that the palms of my hands should be damp with expectancy."


Subject: Re: Messianic History
From: (Mark Metson)
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Jeffrey Bolden ( wrote:
: Just so that everyone knows this, the church of the SubGenius is a joke;
: sort of a satire on religion.

Just so that everyone knows this, most churches are jokes; sort of clumsy
takeoffs of religion. The Church of the Subgenius, however, is one of the
few which is NOT a joke, precisely because it WAS a joke, thats been done,
so clumsy takeoffs cannot help but be more serious. Such is the wisdom of
Eris. If you are confused, that is to be expected; Eris is a Goddess of
Chaos, Confusion, and Bureacracy. BUT ITS NOT OATMEAL!

Blessed Be. -MarkM-

Mark Metson How many mystics does it take to bring Peace on Earth? Only one - but each one has to do it for themself.....
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