Scientology vs. SubGenius

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>Modemac wrote:
>>As for the role of the Church of the SubGenius in this affair, we have
>>been opposing the Church of Scientology because its policies run against
>>the tenets of our religion. Dennis Erlich's ordainment as a SubGenius
>>minister is only one more step in our "jihad." :)

> The SubGenius material reached me to point out - with
> brilliant satire - how people could be made to believe
> anything. And the things that they believe are no more
> sensible that the Book of SubGenius. But the pinks
> are serious.
> Now ...
> If someone doesn't tell me *immediately* whether Bob
> actually smokes that thing ... I'm gonna renounce my SG
> title and come after *you* wierdos next!
Yes, "Bob" smokes the mighty pipe. He smokes 'Frop.
Habifropzipulops. This herb, (Not A Drug!), found only growing
in selected parts of the Himalayas growing on the dung of yetis,
opens "Bob's" third nostril. It gives "Bob" 'psychic' abilities
the Scientologists can only DREAM about.

Only "Bob" and a few very lucky high ranking SubGenii can obtain this
very rare herb. However Xist technology we will obtain from the UFOs
in 1998 will hopefully allow Church Of The SubGenius Doktors and
techno-weenies to eventually analyze and synthesize
the very complex active chemicals that give 'Frop it's peculiar powers.
Then the Church of the SubGenius will be able to make the precious
essential oils available for the pipes of all SubGenius Ubermen,
uberwomen and uberchildren.

Praise 'Frop! Praise "Bob"! Praise the pipe! Praise the Xists!

Pope Charles
SubGenius Pope Of Houston


Subject: Re: Scientology vs. subgenius

wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell) writes:
>Yes, "Bob" smokes the mighty pipe. He smokes 'Frop.

Well, y'know . . . I';m looking at the "official Dobbshead" right now
(which explains the typos), and _I_ see no smoke. In fact, the lip of the

Frop: Burns clean, no messy residue.

-That guy in the commercials for the movie PCU


Subject: Re: Scientology vs. subgenius
From: (Michael Townsend)

Wrongo. THE PIPE smokes "Bob".
Long live the old school:
Mail Art//Radio//Plagiarism
Dad's New Slacks
P.O. Box 4272
Portland, Maine 04101-4272


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