Subject: Re: What's this post about?

From: (Purple Kitty) ( wrote:
: I must have subscribed to this post by mistake. Before I unsubscribe..
: what's the post about??

You didn't subscribe by MISTAKE! There IS no mistake! You were led here.
You were DRAWN here. It was all planned out. It was all dicated. You
really had no choice in the matter. But don't let that get you down!
There was a REASON for it! And that reason is that you may, for the first
time in your life, learn about Slack. And if you can just get Slack,
you'll never need anything else again.

: Looks like not many people here.

Oh, we're here. You can see us, too, if you just know where to look.

Rev Pee Kitty



Subject: Re: What's this post about?
From: IDGHTMS@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU (Zoogz Rift (The Liquid Moamo))

I think this guy's a good candidate for THE EXPERIMENT--what do you
think, Rev. Pee?



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