The Essence of Slack?

By (God Eater)

Question: what is slack, as far as a state of being or
existence; what defines Slack?

Is it a state of laziness, the absence of work or thought? Or as it has been
described to me a divine state of infinite mental inactivity, right up there
with hibernation, or the concept of nirvana. Slack as a verb? or a noun?
the absence of tension as in rope or cord. In the church of the sub genius
true slack is the ultimate goal and surpasses any pleasure of the flesh or

What does god know about slack? or Buddha?


Subject: Re: The essence of slack?
From: (Nicole C. Michaud)

Get the Book. Read the Book. Stop asking questions.

For me, slack often comes in the form of DRUGS that WORK. Not like the
Beavis and Butthead acid, or the Ren and Stimpy 'frop.

"The essence of slack is MY ASS!!!!!!"


Subject: Re: The essence of slack?
From: (M.Daniels) (God Eater) writes:
> Is it a state of laziness, the absence of work or thought?
Hell, well I think slack means something different to everyone (I mean, you just make it up to fit in with your preconceptions, we can't have any of this set dogma nonsense), but I mean, to me, it's just doing as little as possible, yet mysteriously benefiting at the same time. My most recent example of this is in the finals of my degree, the first set of which I have just completed. I have done virtually no work in preparation, and just slacked off instead, yet somehow I have got a borderline A/B. Compare this with the guy in my flat who worked for 6 weeks solid, at least 12 hours a day, and has barely passed his exams! Slack works!! Praise 'Bob'!

Mark Daniels

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