What's going on here?

From: JRRonson@thang.demon.co.uk ("J.R. Ronson")
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995

"Bob" ?



J.R. Ronson


Subject: Re: What's going on here?

I'm extremely glad to present this ALL NEW alt.slack FAQ, channelled by
ME. Special thanks go to NO ONE! You can get this document via ftp from
NOWHERE! This is NOT a regularly-posted file. After it's gone, IT's GONE!

Now, on with the carnage.

JRRonson@thang.demon.co.uk ("J.R. Ronson") writes:

>"Bob" ?


Whoops- I just channelled "Bob". I hate that. "Bob" is the smiling face
leering out at you from http://sunsite.unc.edu/slack.html but you should
(of course) send a buck or more to PO Box 140306 Dallas, TX 75214 for
more info.

Or, as "Bob" said so eloquently, "Send a buck or more to that 'Ivan' guy.
I think he lives in Texas, somewhere. Wanna buy a joy buzzer? It's got
extra joy! Fifty percent more buzz!"


Oh, that's Secret Code. But I guess I can tell YOU. A "SubGenius" is
someone *I* like. That's it. I make the decisions. If *I* lkike someone
and think they're in ANY WAY cool or hip or whatever the current word is,
they're a Sub. Do ya know what the Secret Codeword is for people that I
don't like is?


Right. It's that simple. Send your dollar to Ivan today.

>J.R. Ronson




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