I looked in my files and found another item of interest. This file is
called High Weirdness by Email, and is what it sounds like. It's also 2
years old, so some of the addresses may not work. You might want to
explore. There must be somewhere a more recent version of this file, but I
couldn't find it.
Keep a still upper forehead.

Cooper the Untitled

From: mporter@nyx.cs.du.edu (Mitchell Porter)
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 92 05:14:05 GMT

OK, here it is, High Weirdness by Email v1.1. This version is semi-organized
by the nature of the medium: ezine, ftp site, etc. The next version (whenever
*that* is) will probably be organized by topic (UFO, zine reviews, fringe
science, etc etc). For now I just want to get this out of my home directory
on Nyx before it gets purged for me. Send me errata, complaints, suggestions,
submissions, etc at mporter@nyx.cs.du.edu. Thanks to everyone who submitted
stuff, and special thanks to thales@netcom.com and munro@cs.uq.oz.au for
saving intermediate drafts from extinction. HWbE is available via ftp from
ftp.css.itd.umich.edu (/poli/Resources/weirdness) and from somewhere in
The Site Which Must Not Be Named (see first entry, FTP SITES). These are
the sections:
OBLIGATORY HORRIBLE OMISSION: Church of Spam - where are you? Lost the
newsletter *and* the mailing list while trying to clean up here!
Some last-minute additions: pdm@ucrmath.ucr.edu maintains an
"Electronic/Industrial/Etc zines list" (note, those are snail-mail zies)
which has just been posted to alt.zines, alt.industrial and
rec.music.industrial; and spingo@panix.com wants you to send him your
ezine, I think for his BBS.

It starts mid-November and continues for about a month. Here's an extract
from the blurb:

>"Navigating the Internet: An Interactive Workshop" is intended for
>new or infrequent users of the network of networks called the
>Internet. it is designed to give an overview of several operating
>systems used on the Internet and to give examples of the resources
>available over the Internet.
>The only requirement is that the user have access to the Internet and
>can read basic e-mail. UNIX, VMS, and VM will be the primary operating
>systems covered in the workshop.
>Participants will be sent instructions by e-mail.
>A BITNET listserv provided by the University at Buffalo will be
>used for interactive answering of questions and solving problems with
>additional help by e-mail.

For automated registation ("preferred") send the message
sub navigate your_first_name your_last_name
with NO SUBJECT HEADING, to listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu
Otherwise send email request registration to rs@usl.edu

Hurry hurry hurry! I'm enrolling for it - who knows what you might find out?


aforum@moose.uvm.edu - "Arm The Spirit" - ?anarchy/antiauthoritarians? -
archived at ftp.css.itd.umich.edu - unseen

home of luigi - bob drake - editor/assembler of TapRoot, "a quarterly
publication of Independent, Underground, and Experimental language-centred
arts..." who have put out over 40 collections of such - now TapRoot is
experimentally going online with a collection of zine reviews. i have seen
issue #0, part 1, which contains those reviews; i am not a zine person
myself (i have my hands full with what i'm getting over the net!!) but
some of the stuff reviewed looked really interesting. there's also reviews
of poetry chapbooks (?) (unseen) and future issues will include mailart
sections. [speaking of which, is there such a thing as internet mailart
yet?] send a request and luigi-bob will mail you with whatever he has.
worth getting. AND SAY YOU LIKED IT IF YOU DID (same applies to ALL these
people); feedback is essential at this stage of development.

home of Scream baby ezine - looks to be excellent but I have seen but one
issue (Andy hawks interview issue) - archived at red.css.itd.umich.edu

cardell@lysator.liu.se - in charge of subscription requests for Practical
@narchy Online, which he coproduces with cmunson@macc.wisc.edu

PURPS - The Purple Thunderbolt of Spode - the newsletter of the Otisians.
Last issue had a great rant delivered over the phone to a computer lab.
But where's the next issue guys?

houk@cs.athena.mit.edu - Moot News for Modern Man v1 and 2

request@fennec.sccsi.com - Worldview / Weltanschauung - weirdness, future
tech, subgenius stuff - read about this in the future-culture FAQ (see
mailing lists) but i have been unable to reach them - anyhow it is
archived at ftp.eff.org, /pub/cud/wview

rutkows@ccu.umanitoba.ca (from the alt.alien.visitors FAQ)
available on an experimental basis by email - "The Swamp Gas Journal
covers a variety of scientific UFO-related phenomena" - various reviews

SLACK@ncsu.edu - home of the Holy Temple of Mass Consumption - don't know
if they send out copies of their (excellent) ezine on request, but it
appears regularly on Usenet anyway, and is archived at quartz.rutgers.edu

sokay@mitre.org - home of 'Armadillo Culture", which also gets posted to
usenet it seems - "being the excremeditation of a hyperactive armadillo's
activities, opinions, and other stuff..." - still haven't *read* the damn

tibbetts@hsi.hsi.com - home of the Unplastic News, also archived by EFF
Unplastic No 5 has just come out.

"The Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS is an electronic
journal that disseminates table of contents, abstracts, reviews and
ordering information on new and recent print and electronic publications
of relevance to Religious Studies.
"Electronic subscriptions are free; to subscribe, send a mail message to
Listserv@uottawa or listserv@acadvm1.uottawa.ca with the text:
Inquires regarding the CONTENTS project should be sent to the project
director: Michael Strangelove <441495@Uottawa> or <441495@Acadvm1.Uottawa.CA>


amixinfo@markets.amix.com - amix is american information exchange - they
are apparently an online information market (!?)

for info on how archie works - mail with Subject: 'help'

the Federation is making a starflight drive - email here for details

KAKA SUTRA - Tasteless Sex Acts (from alt.tasteless FAQ)

"Paul Spinrad (pspinrad@ads.com) once wrote a 'Bodily Functions Survey'
with questions covering nasal hygiene, vomiting, urination, defecation and
flatus expulsion. Send email with the header 'cancer cunt puke, I hate you
I hate you!' to case@diku.dk." (from the alt.tasteless FAQ)
- according to the FAQ case can also send you "Recycled Jokes Files"
(necrophilia jokes, vomit synonyms, etc), various classic alt.tasteless
stories (the gerbil-and-meat grinder story, Scrotum Self Repair),
and the alt.tasteless theme song.

has copies of Monty Python scripts HOLY GRAIL, LIFE OF BRIAN, MEANING OF LIFE
apparently lots of people on alt.fan.monty-python have these but like to
withhold them from newbies. or some such. anyhow, i have an appeal for
information: i'd like to keep a list of all copyright violations available
on the net - transcribed texts that is. if you have any, or know where
they can be found, contact me!

ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com - to find out how send the message 'help'

maintains a personal archive of alt.alien.visitors traffic since July 13,
1992 - portions available on request - *not* available via ftp as yet

for The Complete list of dxphobic dxsayings (for the calculus-fearing)

idealord@dorsai.com - home of IdEAl OrdEr Psychic TV
anyone know the home of nU wORLD oRDER Psychic Usenet?

Internet-drafts@nri.reston.va.us - send 'help' for information
technical proposals for the future of the internet

will send a copy of Bob Black's excellent noncopyright essay "The
Abolition of Work" on request - also available via ftp from
red.css.itd.umich.edu (see ftp listings)

mporter@nyx.cs.du.edu - this is me. i'm not planning to start an ezine any
time soon, but i am going to make a little list of people to whom i will
send anything ...interesting that comes by. if you have a submission, or
you want to get on that list, email me

list of working MUDs - updated every Friday

email version of Calligraphic Button Catalogue - apparently you can get
buttons bearing witty slogans on just about any damn topic - BEWARE! full
file well over 1000 lines of text

rdc@netcom.com - appears to be off the net, but the next best thing exists
in the form of alt.fan.roger.david.carasso, where people often post their
personal Carasso favorites. dfqfrby@shoes.BELL-ATL.COM, jecoleb@eos.ncsu.edu
& millerje@CS.ColoState.EDU all have personal archives


(See also "Weird Personals and Other Unclassifieds.")


You can get papers on general relativity & quantum cosmology from
gr-qc@xxx.lanl.gov, high energy physics [theoretical] from
hep-th@xxx.lanl.gov. Send Subject: help. *I* think physics is weird enough
to deserve a listing here. (Most papers written for people with TeX or
LATeX, so be prepared for the equations to be even harder to understand
than usual.) - mail gr-qc@xxx.lanl.gov with subject line "get 9210011" and
explode your mailbox! this is a paper all about problems to do with time -
technical and conceptual - in quantum gravity.


A c10000-line list of mailing lists and their descriptions is available
via ftp from coombs.anu.edu.au /coombspapers/interest-groups.9201.txt.
(There *has* to be something shorter available; ftp-by-mail and watch your
mailbox explode!) Some of the ones that follow aren't mentioned on that
list however. UPDATE: A more up-to-date version of this list can be
accessed via telnet through chop.isca.uiowa.edu - select online
information, merit internet, other ifo servers, main gopher, ftp sites,
popular ftp, interest group lists [that's my paraphrase of the necessary
menu selections].

** double asterisk means "I SUBSCRIBE TO THIS ONE"

9nov89-l@DBOTUI11.BITNET (not seen by me)
send SUB 9NOV89-L your_real_name to LISTSERV%DBOTU11.BITNET@VM1.NODAK.EDU

adolph-a-carrot-request@andrew.cmu.edu (not seen by me)
severed heads and other bands on the ralph label - there are a zillion
mailing lists devoted to various groups, i'm not gonna list em all, i just
like the name of this one - another fun name is jump-in-the-river-request
@PRESTO.IG.COM (sinead o'connor) (as always, not seen by me)

artificial life (not seen by me)

anarchy-l@cwi.nl **
anarchy; most subscribers are american

anneal-request@cs.ucla.edu (not seen by me) - simulated annealng

belief-l (not seen by me) - send subscribe belief-l your_name to

cellular-automata-request@think.com (not seen by me)

CRYONICS list - contact kqb@whscad1.att.com

cybsys-l (not seen by me) - presumably cybernetic systems
listserv@bingvaxu.cr.birminghamton.edu - sub cybsys-l full_name

derrida listserv@cfrvm.bitnet subscribe derrida full_name
(not seen by me)

extropians-request@gnu.ai.mit.edu **
serious discussion of extropian/upwing ideas such as physical immortality,
anarchocapitalism, postindustrial society etc

fnord-l@UBVM.bitnet (I think - dont know internet address) - New Ways of
Thinking List - created as forum to discuss the ideas of Wilson, Leary,
Alli and the like, but to my mind it has degenerated somewhat (I'm not a
subscriber, I just peruse it through the newsreader, so maybe something is
going on that I don't know about) - these topics, if they're going to be
discussed consistently anywhere, will come up most often on leri-l

future-request@nyx.cs.du.edu **
andy hawks' famous FutureCulture list
the FAQ is a fantastic document - available via ftp from umich.edu

FWAKE-L contact mokelly%IRLEARN.BITNET@cunyvm.cuny.edu

HIT-L (Highly Imaginative Technology) contact xexeo@uxcern.decnet.cern.ch
(not seen by me - and this address is no longer valid - however i have
seen postings from G Xexeo on the net so he's out there somewhere - help

infopara-request@scicom.alphacdc.com - "Subscribe" in subject line - you will
get info from Paranet Information Service

leri-l@iscsvax.uni.edu **
leary - mckenna - the singularity. the electronic commune. thousands of
lines of text everyday; guaranteed to crash lesser mailers.

libernet-request@dartmouth.edu - libertarianism/objectivism i guess

lojban-list-request@snark.thyrsus.com (not seen by me)
why bother with esperanto?

MASONIC list - contact ptrei@bistromath.mitre.org

mind machines - inquire and they'll send you a useful info list

objectivism-request@vixie.sf.ca.us **
objectivism discussion list - seems to be fairly low traffic - to access the
archives mail objectivism-lissterv@vix.com with the single-line msg 'help'

pagan-request@drycas.club.cc.cmu.edu (not seen by me)

physics-request@unix.sri.com _or_ @mc.lcs.mit.edu (not seen by me)

PMC-TALK - discussion forum for PMC list (=postmodern culture?)
PMC@ncsuvm.cc.ncsu.edu is the editors' address
an incredible range of files: poetry, postmodern ecology, "stemmatics",
James Joyce, mail art, Gulf War, concepts of time, everyday aesthetics,
logs of 2 years' worth of discussions - just looking at the titles I
can't guess what some of them are about. Send for PMC-TALK GUIDE for
proper info.
"... if you need PMC-TALK GUIDE and don't know how to get it,
send the following one-line mail message to LISTSERV@NCSUVM (on
Bitnet) or to LISTSERV@NCSUVM.CC.NCSU.EDU (on Internet):
Note that there should be no blank lines before this line, and no
other text or lines in the message. The instructions you will
receive are the same as those distributed to new subscribers of
journal, and will enable you to retrieve files on your own."

psi-l listserv%rpicicge@vm1.nodak.edu SUB PSI-l the_usual
contact bgeer%hampvms.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu (not seen by me)

PURTOPOI list - contact ucc@mace.cc.purdue.edu

PYNCHON - contact userdog1@cc.sfu.ca - userdog1 DOES NOT EXIST

Right_Use_of_Will@kether.webo.dg.com, will@kether.webo.dg.com
books of Ceanne DeRohan, dictated by god - help save the universe
(not seen by me)

skeptic%yorkvm1.bitnet@vm1.nodak.edu SUB SKEPTIC your_fullname
(not seen by me)

sf-lovers-request@rutgers.edu (not seen by me)

space-investors-request@cs.cmu.edu - i subscribe but have yet to see any
traffic after a week

Subgenius-request@mc.lcs.mit.edu **
your daily fix of slack

the guy who nets from his bike

URANTIAL listserv%UAFSYSB.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu - sub urantial your_name
the urantia book - available at better occult bookstores everywhere

urbanites-request@psyche.mit.edu - send urbanites-request in subject line
urban survival (not seen by me)

voynich-request@rand.org - for serious discussion of the mysterious Voynich
MS (also see below un FTP section)

contact listserv@brownvm.brown.edu - sub l your_name

zendo-request@lysator.liu.se **
applied Zen Buddhism

(mostly from alt.rave FAQ - none seen by me)

sfraves-request@soda.berkeley.edu (San Francisco, Bay Area)
- ftp archives at soda.berkeley.edu /pub/sfraves
socal-raves-request@uscd.edu (Southern California)
ne-raves-request@silver.lcs.mit.edu (North/Eastern U.S.)
Minnesota rave list - mail ivan@staff.tc.umn.edu for details
UMD-centric list - mail cyberpun@wam.umd.edu

bpm-request@andrew.cmu.edu - DJing mixing music etc

remember, you can ftp-by-mail - send mail to ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com,
subject 'help' or message body 'help', or both to be safe - you will
be sent a help file which has examples of ftp requests it can deal with
towards the end. DON'T OVERLOAD THIS SERVICE - it appears to be the only
one of its kind in the world.

I am hereby issuing a call for *someone* to archive John Baez's expository
postings from sci.math and sci.physics. IMHO they deserve it. I issue this
call with no authority from him at all, but he did tell me once in email
that he would be happy for such an archive to be kept if someone wanted to
do it. Contact him at jbaez@riesz.mit.edu (The Site Which Must Not Be Named)
an up-and-coming home of online weirdness, by the look of it - an ftp site
of underworld industries - also info on 'alternative media / alternative
music' network in /proj/amam - try get repdir to see who you should contact
e-zine lunatic fringe and others stored, along with high weirdness by email,
a 'stream-of-consciusness' project - a lot of this stuff i couldn't access
properly owing to difficulties at MY end, but it all seems promising. some
words from the guy who runs it:
>welp, i would give you the alphabetic address/name of the site IF THERE
>WERE ONE! you see, we get a pool of about 30 (more if we need) IP
>addresses to do with as we please. the big boys upstairs (actually in
>another building) who are in charge of assigning names will only do so
>if they are "important" (mail servers, BIG machines). the pool we have
>are all SUPPOSED to just be for individual (DOS/mac) workstations.
>however, i skimmed one of and made it the "pirated" uwi ftp site!! voila!
>as for my blurb (by the nameless site!) you can include something like:
>underworld industries (uwi) is dedicated to exploring new (or old) and
>exciting experimental and [arguably] creative uses for technology. oh
>yeah, and we even like the old-fashioned experimental arts, too. (like
>underground press, graphic arts, video, etc.) check out the docs/uwi
>directory on the ftp site for more info....
>[sound ok?]
Bill the Cat | kca@caen.engin.umich.edu | UnderWorld Ind. UWI001, P.O.Box 4060
Think freely | FINGER me for more info! | Ann Arbor, MI 48106-4060 USA Earth

andy.bgsu.edu Unix Vote by Mail - not seen [can't reach it]

audrey.levels.unisa.edu.au (
/pub/twin-peaks.timeline.Z - 5000 lines of blow-by-blow description

ccu.umanitoba.edu /pub/simcity/simcheat.zip - speaks for itself

/coombspapers/interest-groups.9201.txt slightly out-of-date list of
mailing lists
subdirectories: buddhism-gen, -tib, -viet, -zen; shamanism; taoism.
look at /buddhism-zen/zen-email-directory.txt; email addresses of several
dozen individuals or organizations interested in zen, all around the world.

ecst.csuchico.edu /pub/geos/acidwarp.zip psychedelic graphics

elbereth.rutgers.edu SF lovers archive

export.acs.cmu.edu /pub/quanta Quanta e-zine

ftp.css.itd.umich.edu see red.css.itd.umich.edu


ftp.funet.fi see nic.funet.fi

/pub/newsletters/F5-E/* Factsheet Five Electric - zine reviews

gcnext.gac.peachnet.edu /pub/wicca

glia.biostr.washington.edu /pub/queensryche lyrics etc

grind.isca.uiowa.edu (
you can telnet to this ftp site, login iscabbs - file descriptions appear
whenever you list the directory contents.
/info/articles Academic papers and news articles about hacking
/info/hacking Quotations from "experts" about hackers and hacking
/info/jfk JFK conspiracy files, alt.conspiracy.jfk archives
/info/misc [contains files Wicca1, Wicca2, kama (sutra)]
/info/paranet [UFO digests from Paranet Information Service]
contains the following electronic journals: ane, ati,
bootlegger, cud, hnet, lod, narc, nim, phantasy, phrack,
phun, pirate, synd [and text file x - not a journal]

/netcel - Net celebrities archive

go stuff??

/pub/topy-online Temple ov Psychick Youth
(submitted by timbomb@cs.uq.oz.au)

mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu /gutenberg
which is an attempt to build an online library of 10000 etexts by 2001
so far the weirdest thing they have is probably just the Book of Mormon
BUT!! if you have any anticopyright texts - whether UG Krishnamurti or
anarchist/Autonomedia classics - WHY NOT scan them in or transcribe
them, and send them to the project? email project director
hart@vmd.cso.uiuc.edu for instructions on how to submit a text - YOU

version 1, Travelling Scriptures of the Church of V/R

InterText network.ucsd.edu:/intertext
Athene network.ucsd.edu:/intertext/Athene

nic.funet.fi / ftp.funet.fi
/pub/doc/coup/val-l/ussr.22 from valentine smith's famous mailing list,
notes on the '91 coup in the xussr
an albert hofmann gif, and then next door is hanna-maria poropudas,
whose explanation of the structure of time, space potatoes etc is now
legendary - i predict that one day some astrophysicist who was a usenet
junkie as an undergrad will discover some cosmological feature and name it
a "space potato" in honor of hanna-maria and hannu - start with
/pub/doc/occult - Necronomicon

Online Book Initiative - /pub/obi

penguin.gatech.edu /pub/leri the leri-l archives, all sorts of
interesting original work, topical essays etc
next door is /pub/movies, in which some sort of movie rating scheme is

pit-manager.mit.edu /pub/usenet hundreds of directories with all sorts
of things archived it seems, eg /news.answers has heaps of faqs,
/alt.drugs a few alt.drugs regular postings

quartz.rutgers.edu /pub
get the CONTENTS file to see how *much* there is on here! also,
there's an automatic decompression thingy for any file ending .Z, so you
can ftp-by-mail even *those* ones! /pub/subgenius contains a bob.gif, plus
lots of other SubG stuff; and of course they have the Principia Discordia.
/pub/journals has *heaps* of stuff, FutureCulture, m00se Illuminati (for
info on *them* mail dickson@hartford.bitnet), Purps (the Purple
Thunderbolt of Spode, the Otisian newsletter (see above)), other stuff I
forget right now.

rand.org - whole directory on the Voynich MS mystery
/pub/jim - voynich-related documents - eg voynich.now, voynich.tar.Z

red.css.itd.umich.edu ( /
ftp.css.itd.umich.edu ( /poli/*
This site contains, among other things:
Arm The Spirit (Autonome Forum) - The Disability Rag - Encyclopedia of
Associations - Future Culture FAQ - INAC (US Sinn Fein documents) - Maoist
Internationalist Movement - NativeNet Archives - Organized Thoughts - P_News
Practical Anarchy - Scream Baby - Workers World - many essays by individual

Comments from pauls@umich.edu who runs the site:
"...red.css.itd.umich.edu has a world-writable incoming directory
for submissions, whereas the other site does not. Submissions may still
be sent via email to pauls@umich.edu, although handling will be delayed
relative to items uploaded via ftp.
"If you are an individual wishing to submit essays, you are guaranteed
archival space (within reasonable space limits) for all politically-related
non-copyrighted materials that you submit. If you represent an organization
seeking ftp site space, please send me a message to arrange archival access.
"Furthermore, we now have a working mirror site of the Computer Underground
Digest archives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Save EFF some
bandwidth and visit our site! The CuD archives are _only_ on the
red.css.itd.umich.edu site, and _not_ not the ftp.css.itd.umich.edu site.

"Please email all queries to pauls@umich.edu
"If you wish to submit items to the CuD archives, please contact
their archivist at cudarch@eff.org"

comments by Anon of Ibid:
* This site has lots of Crowley texts and gifs, including the
*complete* texts of the Book of Lies, Book of the Law, Book 4,
Magick in Theory and Practice, Magick Without Tears, and some
(or all) copies of the Equinox. (Crowley's magickal journal/
zine/publication type thing) All this stuff is in directory
/pub/magick/incoming. But there's lots more than Crowley stuff.
Check this site out.
[Back to me:]
Also worth perusing are wilson.on.cis, an online conference with RAWilson as
guest participant, and cybercraft, which contains an exposition of Leary's
8-circuit model. ALSO, copies of the Equinox are retailing where I live
for about $700 (for 10 vols.) at present. You could probably make yourself
same money, and do yourself a favor, and violate some sort of copyright law
by printing copies of the Equinox based on the slopoke material.
In fact the whole slopoke site is just one of the best. They have an old
alt.slack archive (old*slack!), extensive Notes on Kabbala that you won't
find anywhere else, the Principia, and *best of all*: in /pub/incoming they
have the up-to-date version of the Scriptures of V\R (see above). Praise

/obi/Rants Online Book Initiative eg the whole Principia Discordia, or
66.questions, your basic introduction to Holocaust Revisionism
/pub/alt.religion.kibology - archives for the newsgroup
ark.655.Z & kibo-for-prez look ionteresting, but i can't decompress them

/doc/minsky/option.chapters chapters left out of "The Turing Option"
(Marvin Minsky and Harry Harrison, 192)

from the alt.alien.visitors FAQ - an excellent document! possibly the best
reference for ufo-info sources of its size ever prepared - comments here
are from that FAQ

The file is pub/UFO/bibliography.Z It has books by author, a second
listing by date, and also the names of prominent authors in the field.
For more information contact: mcgrew@dropout.rutgers.edu (Charles Mcgrew)

phoenix.oulu.fi ( /pub/ufo_and_space_pics
- phoenix UFO pics

NASA Pics Sites
NOTE: the material at these sites is exceedingly voluminous;
I'd strongly suggest just getting the CD-ROMs instead of attempting
to transfer scores of gigabytes of pix and other material.
To access the online catalog of NASA material, CD-ROMS, et cetera:
telnet nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov
login as "NODIS"
no password

Anonymous ftp sites (five):
nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov []
This is a VAX/VMS box, so you must ftp-login as "anonymous". To get
a dir listing into a file on your system:
ftp> dir [...] file_on_your_system
lots of stuff, including Aliens of all colors, and UFO pix (though this
seems to mirror a lot of what's at phoenix.oulu.fi and has some
additional material).
online copies of what appears to be all NASA's CD-ROMs, and lots of
GIFs, *.img and *.jpg from most (all?) space missions since Apollo.
dunno; it appears to be down today (Saturday, 18-July-1992).
ummts.cc.umich.edu {changed to} archive.umich.edu
apparently popular (and, hence, slow). Is supposed to have many
NASA and Voyager data files.


The first edition of Michael Strangelove's _The Electric
Mystic's Guide to the Internet: A Complete Bibliography of
Networked Electronic Documents Online Conferences, Serials,
Software and Archives Relevant to Religious Studies_, is now
available via FTP as a Postscript, WordPerfect and low ascii
file (also available via Listserv). Volume One is 64 pages
Volumes Two and Three will be released between October and December.
This bibliography is freely available via the international
academic networks (BITNET/Internet) from the CONTENTS Project
fileserver via FTP from the node panda1.uottawa.ca
( in the directory /pub/religion/ as the files
[in PostScript, WP5.1, "low ascii" forms"]
It is also available as a low ascii text via the CONTENTS
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[as well as the topics listed, many bbs's have rooms dedicated to non
sequiturs, free association, incongruous statements etc. since these
rooms are changed frequently, I have not bothered to list them here - MP]
[this section not updated since HWbEmail v0.0]

Citadel BBSs ISCABBS login New to join
Spiritual Forum> Paganism And Magick> Philosophy> Cult Classics>
Amazing Stories and Urban Legends> Paraphenomena> Alternative Press>

hpx5.aid.no Skynet login skynet
Religion> Far Side of Computing> Predictions>

quartz.rutgers.edu Quartz BBS login bbs
Religion Issues> Witches Bew> Unexpl. Phenomena> Drugs>

Hotel BBSs

badboy.aue.com Badboy's BBS login bbs
Boards: Rob, Underground

chatsubo.nersc.gov Chatsubo login bbs
Boards: TheNet

jupiter.ee.msstate.edu Mars login bbs

>From: The Saint of Self Abuse
I dunno if it counts but we have a really vocal, extreme right-wing
paranoid fundamentalist Christian who got a Bboard named after him out
here at CMU. He frequently posts more than four posts in a day and we
already have somebody at MIT mocking the guy and it may be a national
thing because this guy is 100% all-American Christian fundie right wing
Anyway, the Bboard is assocs.collegerepublicans.intolerant_assholes
@ andrew.cmu.edu and our "friend" is Dave Byler: db7n @ andrew.cmu.edu
He may not be weird enough for this list, but he responds to
EVERYTHING and claims such things as:
1. There is an International Communist Conspiracy
2. Sen. Macarthy was right
3. Al Gore plans to save the earth by depopulating it
4. Liberalism = Nazism
5. You're all going to Hell
Maybe he is weird enough....

>From: "Alex R.N. Wetmore" <aw2t+@andrew.cmu.edu>
One more bbs with some wierdness on it:
yabbs - phred.pc.cc.cmu.edu - login as bbs or telnet to port 8888. We
have some political and hacker oriented stuff on ftp as well. Also,
note that redspread.css.itd.umich.edu also is running a bbs now (using
the same software), so you might want to update your entry.


>From donnell@mermaid.micro.umn.edu Thu Oct 29 09:32:01 1992
Two guys here. Judex <Polybenevolent Omni-Father of Truth In Spandex> worships
squids and spreads their "gospel". Your Heinous is a computer fiend and
headbanger extrodinaire. Trade your weirdness for theirs. B}
Judex is also a music and movie trivia buff, and a good source for such.

>From corleyj@GAS.uug.Arizona.EDU Wed Oct 28 11:31:29 1992
In Robert Anton Wilson's _Illuminatus! Trilogy_, he describes
a process used by Discordians, Erisians and Anarchists against
governments, corporations and in general, The Establishment.
This process involves sending many letters from different
parts of the country/world and is called Operation Mindfuck.
With the advent of e-mail, Operation Mindfucks are much more
easily coordinated. One such network can be joined by e-mailing
corleyj@gas.uug.arizona.edu. Networks are set up around
communal responsibility. Everyone agrees to participate in
everyone else's Mindfuck. If A helps B Fuck the IRS, then when
B wants to Fuck the Department of Defense, A is obliged to help.
Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

"Our research group is currently investigating reports and sightings of
the animal known as "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch".
o Leave a private message in electronic mail:
ai065@cleveland.Freenet.Edu ()
Contact with us can be totally anonymous if you wish. We are especially
interested in Ohio sightings but are by no means limited to
investigations in that state. Please, serious responses only." [ie SubGenii:
nothing about Tibetan Yetis from Atlantis] (from the alt.alien.visitors FAQ)

Tagi@cup.portal.com appears to be organizing a weekly online magickal group.
[excerpt from a post on alt.magick ...]
>Note: This was originally posted to alt.magick and alt.cyberpunk about
>a month or two ago (perhaps more). I will repost this every so often
>so as to address attrition rates in our group. We are currently meeting
>every Thursday (3:00 PST/6:00 EST/9:00 Brit.) and would enjoy new
>members. Email me for the exact MUD address to which you'd connect.
[there follows a long speculative discussion on fantasy and its
expression in various mediums of communication and interaction, and the
specific possibilities the net offers for "Cyber Ritual". probably best to
look for the original post before you ask to join, IMNSHO!]


telnettable information places:

chop.isca.uiowa.edu - lots and lots of stuff. endless menu selections.
this is something called 'panda', which you probably know more about than
i do

info.cern.ch - a node on the WorldWide Web, an attempt to build up
an online hypertext reference work.

info.rutgers.edu - dictionary/thesaurus/familiar-quotations and a few
other things. call up the 1991 world cia factbook and look at the entry
for 'world'. they have the bible, koran, book of mormon organized so you
can execute keyword / topic searches [any bets on how long it will be
before they have the principia discordia?]

>From billy@sol.acs.unt.edu Sun Oct 25 07:10:53 1992
Submission: There is an effort to put all electronic journals, newsletters,
zines, etc up in the Gopher system on the Internet. It can be found on
the University of North Texas Gopher (gopher.unt.edu port 70).

Look at alt.internet.services for more.

whois (-h nic.ddn.mil) un.org
whois (-h nic.ddn.mil) nic.ddn.mil
[some people will need the bits in brackets, others not]

Trippy MUSH - 7567 - not a mud/mush/muck/moo fan myself
but this might be the one that gets me addicted. this is a really
interesting place! others that have been recommended to me but which i
have not seen are Cyberion City (michael.ai.mit.edu, dont know port
number) and Global MUSH (lancelot.cif.rochester.edu 4207). read
rec.games.mud if you're interested in this sort of thing

NEWSPOSTING by mail - Once upon a time apparently, you could post
to news by mailing ucbvax.berkeley.edu in the format
and the text of your message would be posted to favourite.newsgroup. That
service isn't working any more, *but* someone told me that the same thing
can now be done through somewhere.cc.utexas.edu (I think). This is part of
the info that was lost when my mailbox was wiped.

Has anyone been collecting .sigs? Perhaps I should ask on alt.fan.warlord.
But what I *would* like to collect are, not necessarily inane .sigs, or .sigs
containing 20 lines of ascii art surrounded by a screen's-worth of
whitespace, but something very specific: .sig's which show the writer's
involvement in some SubGenius/Discordian/Free-Religion. It might be the
closest thing we could get to an online directory of such groups
reachable over the net. However, I have not embarked on such a search
myself; I have simply idly appended a .sig every so often to my
collection. Perhaps someone else wants to comb Usenet News for more.

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