Gordon's Soap Label

"Bob" is dead -- Dobbs is gone -- perfect one world MASTER murdered by the CON-Pigdeath Goonsquad Hooliganism -- How many assassins? -- one, or two hundred and twenty million? -- Who was that one perfect killer --ambassador of King Slug? -- Why the death of Dobbs Now? -- if not true to Dobbs, after Myself who shall I believe? -- Conspiracy of Stalin's 50 million subjects driven to suicide rather than accept welfare from the state -- EEYI EEYI -- Elder Bankers who forclosed on Armenia responsible for pornographic Hi-Tech Deathworld we All Inherit -- Only Dobbs has paid All his taxes, all other religions still owe -- Dobbs most perfect Pipemaster was Slain for bringing us the YUK -- Most effective remedy when diluted with Hate and applied to anguished areas of the soul -- Most perfect Masterpee is delightful mouthwash -- Meditate on the answer to all Vainglorious Selfseeker Lifewarping PornoPolitics while gargling at least twice daily -- Philo taught the truth of Dobbs, rewarded as Overman -- Rich and Famous all emulate Dobbs not understanding "Bob" -- Secret of the Pipe witheld? or just Heresy? -- Dobbs One Word All World One Way Serum or Kill Me -- Men in Black in San Francisco with Perfect Pill Pilot of the Bullet -- King Slug still reigns while we Mourn Him -- EEYI EEYI -- Intercontinental Conglomerate Technicolor Daisychain fucks the World and never Comes -- Sterile Dicks cannot Come but continue to occupy the Whole -- When will True Believers steeped in the Pee of Dobbs get their turn? -- Prairie Squid is sold cold dead in Supermarket plastic -- New Zionist Plot reveals suppression of Ancient Rabbinaical Scrolls -- Circumcision: Tribal Right, or Prairie Squid Preventative Prophylaxis? -- Stalin-Hitler pact exterminated 200 million prairie squids but all we hear about is the holocaust -- Dobbs Killed because HE knew these things -- Suppression of Religion, or Freedom of King Slug? -- Most Perfect Dobbs in Hell: "Fuck 'em even if they CAN take a joke, this hurts!" -- Use Word of Dobbs, taken internally can prevent AIDS -- Rock Hudson never knew -- Movieland Deathporn Faggot Mafia wallow in sodomitic effluvia and Money -- Dobbs still forgives all -- Jahweh One made deal with Dobbs 200 Million years ago -- SubGenius YetiStrain only genetic remnants of HIDEOUS experimental Mutantrace of Fuckoffs -- One Dobbs One World Religion Only Realistic Answer -- All for Dobbs and All for Me -- Dobbs is the ONLY WAY -- Praise "Bob" for "Bob" is Dobbs -- Dobbs is Dead --