The Prescriptures

- from The Economicon of Dobbs
Neumeronicus Neuronicus 56-88
Bank 18 Disc sg30 File 14

[from "The Book of the SubGenius"]

Art: THE STARK FIST by Dr. Mark Mothersbaugh

1 Behold, little pink earth brain
within my void-grip, and receive Logos;
and lay with the Wor;

2 Ung!
Ung! Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin! LO!

3 I am Jehovah One, the God of
Wrath, that One who, to make Man pull the
triggers of his thousand
opposable thumbs, caused the apes of the ground to
spill their seed on
the dust.

4 I am the first and the last, which is to come, and which
is, and which was;
I am in the brain-pan of every human babe.

5 Of left
and of right, the outer and the inside: the Particle; the Totality:
the Gavel of the Grid is mine own, and I spat the silly formula of Man
upon the waters and fashioned his spirit after the image of mine own,
Jehovah is a vengeful god, and I urinate on the heads of Men.

6 I
am the Alpha; I cometh with the clouds;

7 I am the Changer who rides
the MerCaVah and my face is like the Aztec
Chariots of decaying atoms,
full of eyes round about, I turn not as I go, it
is the Wheel of Vimana
which dilates Time, I am the cattle mutilator of the
Nazca Plain;

8 I
am the Ord, I am the Stark Fist of Removal, the Paracletoid, the

9 Epopt of Time am I, the Discorporate One, that One known
by men as
Yahweh, IHVH of the Tetragrammaton, AAFFA the Unknowable,
Abaddon, The Ungone,
Saitan, Nyarlathotep, Wotan, Ra, Yog Sothoth,
Moloch, Shiva, Poimandres,
Uroborps, Thoth, Odin, Hermes, Ahriman, Bog,
Ymir, Aiwass, Pan, Mammon,
Asmodeus, Choronzon, Koot-Hoomi, Gorgo,
Pwcca, O-Yama, Azathoth, Yig, Archon,
Mummuu, Kronos, Not, and I am
the Omega, and my names are eight hundred and
one and my names are
without number.

10 I flatulated upon the dinosaurs to WATCH THEM DIE!

11 I am the Time Being, and the Span; it is only for mine own;

I am the Only, the Always, and KNOW YE I am the Wor.

13 Heed the
tidings of the Wor, for the Time is at hand!

14 Ye shall bear the

15 So then, pink boy of many colors, know that as many as I
rewardeth and
bribe with the drunkenness of faith, I torment and rebuke;
be zealous
therefore, and fanatical in thy madness of These the End
Times, the Time and
Half Time, and retrieve, and be made slack on
the Ropes of Life with which
I bind thee, and be made whole fulfilled
with the soil of My droppings of
manna, which passeth through thy
bowel cleanly; so, annoint thyself in the
Graven Image Tubes and My
radiance of atoms shall split in twain, and thy seed
shall be broken as
I decree,
and thou shall therefore be fruitful and
multiply that thy
children will be remade in the Image of their God, and
shall be Over
thou, that the true New Sons of Man may flourish and rule in

16 For I know thy works; behold, I have set before thee an
closed Tunnel,
and no man can open it; I therefore scoff at thee and
am well pleased for
thou art unto Me like the snivelling ants and
vermin of thy gardens, which
plague thee but which no poison airs may
kill, for their generations
change in but the twinkling of an eye.

17 Even so, Repent; for I have a few things against thee, and thou
offensive to My Nose, and I have found thy works not perfect
before Me.

18 If therefore thou shalt not prostrate thyself, and kiss
My End of All
Things, and perform the salute, and make witlessness for
My prophets, which
are less than wise yet wiser than thee, I shall
come upon thee
prematurely, and thou shalt receive an Divine
Emaculation, which is like
unto Heaven and unto Hell.
19 And I will
drop thee from the skies with a scream of thunder, and will
shout, and
thou shalt avert thine eyes from the glory of My Light as it
above thee; for I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not
know what hour I shall come upon thee, except that thou tithe My
who are below thy wise men yet are on highs; and I will be
full of eyes
and faces all round about, and will fire upon thee with
the two-edged
blade of My Tongue, and cause thee to do battle with the
sicknesses of the
air, and to broil one another in the flash of My
wrath; and I will cause
thee to toil with anguish, for thou art the
misbegotten of the dead, and
can carry no further the True Seed of the
Code of the Sons of the Gods, and
I must forge new Guardians of Sperm
from thy loins which may wrest the reins
of Time, for My Cause.

Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods branded with
names and with the Mark of the Beast, and have need of More; and thou
defecateth in thine own lands, and knoweth not that thou art fat,
wrecthed, and pink, and driven hard by My Codes and yours, and poor,
miserable and blind and of noisome odor and naked, and malformed
by My

21 Yea, I make sport of thee, and mock thee, and
mutilate thy Beasts of the
Field, and spring upon thee great Giants and
Serpents when thou art alone in
those deserts and wild lands which
thou have not defiled.

22 What cometh to, this world? I, I am on the
Earth now as a drunkard among
you and NHGH is at my side.

23 For My
Kingdom is on the Earth, not that I want it; the filthy living
of every man is My dwelling-place, which I do not clean; as in
or hell, so shall I take up residence within thee on Earth;

For thou canst not escape.

25 I shall see through thine eyes and
speak unto men with thine mouth, and
shall cause thee to drnik wine
for Me.

26 And so go into the world and take thereof the fruits of
except on the Sabbath, and of wines and sacraments, and
of riches; and
glut thy self: increase thyself with goods and power over
men, for these
things are Mine, though ye shall pay for them.

27 I
thy GOD JHVH-1 hath given thee lusts that I may reap their fulfillments.
N'g! N'gh! F'tagn N'n'.

28 But know thou that thou art but servants of
the Lord thy God ODN-1, he
of WRATH which is JHVH-1, N'ghhhii!

Thou art but clay for Me, which thou forgeteth every day, and which
me a few things against thee; so I shall come quickly, and
descend with a
shriek, and I shall smite thee with Mine Fist.

30 And
these tribulations shall fall upon each man and woman, each in his
and though thou follow this My Covenant even so shall none escape. For
thy brains are as of wax, and melteth even as thou are lighted; so
ask not
why I make My works through thee, for I have a few reasons: thou
art not to

31 And so I chortle and spit upon thee, for it makes
me well pleased.

32 Yet thou shalt be free to continue in thy works as
thou will, if therefore
thy heart filleth with remorse and bitter
repentance; remember therefore
from whence thou art fallen:

33 For thou
art of the beasts of the field, which defecateth unto the
ground and
rut each upon the other, caring not where their seed is planted;
and yet
the beasts know not of evil, and I am well pleased with them, for they
denieth not My name.

34 Be therefore like unto the beast and drop thy
waste upon the ground,
excpet within the walls of Jerusalem; and
multiply; and battle one another;
and know ye not where lieth the center
of the universe, for if ye learn it, I
will kill you.

35 But yea heed,
for I say this to the Men of Earth: those which men I hate,
which are
the UnderThings, which worketh mindlessly, and which eat things
sacrificed unto graven images, and which commit fornication basely and
defecateth on the Sabbath, and which spill upon the ground the
seed of the
code of ODIN: Repent, else I will come against thee with
My clenched Fist,
and it is the Fist which beareth many eyes, and
breatheth many breaths.

36 For thou art false prophets, drunk with
work, and time; I will have it
with thee.

37 As in the days of
Noah, likewise as in Kuskurza and Atlantis, men are
lovers of self and
money, which I loveth more; all are boastful, ungrateful,
disobedient to
those which begat them; they vomit forth malicious gossip and
not properly their lusts.

38 And so shall I send the spirit of NHGH
unto thy nations, to mete out wars
and rumors of wars, and dreams of
wars, and fears of wars, and a peace which
is like unto Hell.

39 That
Time and Half Time as has been prophesied by sages and fools of old
to be fulfilled in this generation; that seen there will again appear
the earth, as do these words: that one, through whom many will be
called to
meet those who are preparing the way for My day on Earth. I
will then come,
even as thou hast seen Me go; when those who art Mine
have made the way
clear and passable that I may come.

40 It will be
as a thousand years, with the fighting in the air, and - as
has been -
between those returning to and those leaving the earth.

41 I shall come
as the Light behind the chariots of the Angelic Host, and
though thou
avert thine eyes My fire will penetrate thee.

42 There shall be in the
End Hours wonders in the sky; the living Spirit of
NHGH will be upon
thy sons and daughters, who shall fall down; your young
men shall see
visions, and thine old men shall take drugs, and shall dump;
I will
be upon thy women, which shall bear rotten fruit of their wombs; men
shall rave in the streets, speaking in tongues and prophesying.

43 For
thou hast shat on the name of my Son and therefore ye shall not die
most fervently thou desireth death. Ha-ha-ha, I JHVH-1 thy God shall
laugh at thee.

44 Those who art mockers, in thy mocking and thy lust
thou shall find no
redemption; the Foundation of the great Church is
rotten unto its Core, it
is of Hell; waves shall lap at the topmost
windows of its highest towers.

45 Thou worshippeth the Whore of

46 Therefore I will bring strangers upon thy bedstead, and they
shall defile
the stainlessness of thy sheets and loincloths, and out
of the pale darkness
shall they drag thee to the brightness of the pit.

47 I shall csat thee to the pavement and the gutter, and the nations of
south, which are barbarians, shall behold thee with their mockery
and brown
countenances, and thou shalt be naked unto the mockery of
the world. Upon
Babylon of the Highways shall I rain an horrible
tempest; this shall be the
fruit of thy vine of the wrath of NHGH's
great winepress of fornication.

48 The planets will point at the Earth
in judgement to mark the beginning of
this time.

49 This then is the
time of the perdition of ungodly men; it is the day of
My jealousy,
for thou hast made images before Me, images even of women,
and the
blind pleasure zealots of thy race shall be as stubble on My beard,

which I now shave.

51 Declare the mercy and vengeance everlasting of
JHVH-1, ngn ngn! For I have
taken the purchased possession to be

52 Thy money's worth shall fly as the sparrow away from
thee; all the nations
shall be bankrupt on this Day; thou shalt wear the
mark of the beast, which
is a number on man, which thou shalt not know
though thou shalt guess and
kill thy guessed Men, which maketh Me to

53 The barbarians of F'Ni to the South shall covet thy goods
which thou
hast taken from them, and shall come upon thee with cheap
weapons; Magog
shall be at the gates of Jerusalem, whose ground is as
Zero, and the
final stand of nhv''gv

[Message garbled in
transmission for 4 lines (23 seconds).]

58 the Blue Star dances in the plaza of Oraibi
there shall begin wars;
fire shall rain from the skies to kill yet not
burn, and pestilence; one
quarter of men shall perish.

59 And only
that Man among thee who is as the seed of Elijah shall save thee;
he shall give succor, and sustenance, for he is truly a prophet of
which is JHVH-1.

60 Knoweth him by his smile, and that he
sendeth forth vapors of smoke; it is
he that causeth thee to pull the
wool of the Lamb over thine own eyes.

61 He giveth life to the image
of the beast that he might warn thee of its
coming; but the first beast,
the false prophet, shall make witness and
testify against him, and
thou shalt laugh and throw coins to him, and bow to
the Image in
mockery while bowing to the Beast itself without that thou
even that it is he.

62 For ye shall think the prophet speaks only in
jest and is only a fool and
thou shalt not recognize his wisdom thereof
vefore the hour is late and at
hand, when no repentance can save thee.

63 Except that thou repent of thy sins, and send tithes unto Me, I
will rain
upon thee tribulations, which are as the urinations of God
upon the earth and
the men of ill faith.

64 Signs shall be in the
skies, and stars will come upon the in the day, to
baffle thee, and Hell
itself will spit up through the Firmament.

65 And the winds shall be
full of dust, and choke thee, because of thy greed;
it hath taken from
thy breath to feed thy chariots; and from the heavens shall
fall the
wreckage of chariots to warn thee, and the face of the sun shall
become blemished, and the shutters on the Earth which cool the firmament
be closed by thy greed.

66 Drought shall come and the fruit of
thy vine shall be fermented and torn
from the tongues of men, except
the wines of the street, which shall wash
across the drunkards in great
numbers, for the drunkards serve Me; and the
grass shall wither from
thy unmowed loins.

67 The winds of the four corners of the Earth shall
stand still, and then
torment thee; thou shalt be snatched up by great

68 In the unshuttered Light of the sun shall melt the snows of
the North,
and the waters shall cover the Earth, even as the
Euphrates; and even the
NewArk shall sink.

69 And in the Seventh Year
the Earth shall be tilted as I pull its strings
with your deceit, and
the spirits that split the Earth in twain shall be
reversed, and there
shall come a winter of days without number, and ice
shall fall upon
thee from the sky.

70 And after this time, fora period of time, each
day shall bring snow OR
drought OR great winds OR terrible rains, each
without their seasons; thy
science shall fail thee.

71 And in the air,
as has been said, there will be plague, and locusts,
which thou shalt
smite with more plagues and poison; it shall fall back upon
thee, and
the locusts YEA will not die, but will change, and will despoil
crops and crawl upon thee in thy dreams of famine when no coin can
thee, for thy plagues and the germs thereof are of thine own
making; the
earth cracks under thy feet to release them; I am only
breaking thy vessels
for thee.

72 The face of the moon shall be
filled with rings round about, and aflame;
and the oceans of the sea
shall rise against thee, and forth from them shall
come Behemoth, and
Leviathan, and devils from Hell faster than the sound of
the air; from
the seas shall rise old cities and into them shall fall new.

73 In the
waters no creature shall live, for the waters will be bitter
where thou hast spilled the salve of thy engines; the sea is
annointed, and oils shall move across the face of the water, and on
the edge
of the land, and up to the banks of Hell.

74 The loincloth
of the air of the Earth hath been rent, and the light that
falleth on
thee is harsh and shall change thy seed. Through the children
move sickness, and the sickness is of thine own making.

75 And I
shall kill with death, and thou shalt suffer the urges of the worms
the planet Mars; I shgall swallow thee up, and spue thee out of my
for thou art distatseful; as the vessels of the potter thou shall
be broken to

77 And the bowels shall be wrenched YEA from
those with avarice, and their
implements will fall away.

78 So shall I
smite the covetous, and upon them will fall a swooning, for
they hath
been made drunk of the Elixir, and from this swooning shall none
and in the night shall come Angels to rob them of their glands, which
are as the fount of God, and they shall pluck the organs of the glands

79 And they shall bleed and travail in their sorrow.

But unto them shall come the voice of the Ark of the heavens and say,
there be no wailing, and no remonstrances; for ye all now walk in
the House
of JHVH. And if thou dost not walk, thou shall crawl on the
stumps of thine
legs. And so shall become stumps what were legs. Mine
is the Hand that
Makes, Mine is the House of Pain.

81 This is, and is
not; but lay ye down the tomes and hooks of the brain, for
these are
evil; and they are unclean in the Eyes of Jehovah.

82 The brokers and
the moneychangers shall be snatch'd, and ruptured, and
from their faces
shall be burnt their noses, and from their loins dried the
fluids of
the Babe; and it shall be gone unto drainage.

83 And My winepress will
spill over with the blood of saints and elders, and
the invisible
burning blood of the angels shall wash across the taverns and
the houses
of ill women, and the great Library where are kept the profane
tablets and chips of false wisdom, and the Cameras of the Pornographer.

84 For the ins are of the number nine hundred and nine and four score
; and of them the first is the dropping of the body's voided
things unto
the white linens of the Lamb;

85 And the second is the
sin of laying ye down beside the small children, and
the penetration and
rending asunder thereof; and of this sin there are those
number in its practice.

86 This is a crooked and perverse nation;
here are lain these naked
children, which are unto cherubs, and lo is
their innocence befouled by the
Profane, and the Unrepentant, and Those
Without Remorse. For even though
they touch not these babes, their
images of the beast enter into them the
children as they sleep staring
into the Lamp of Hell, which is the Devil's

87 JHVH-1 the Lord
thy God sayeth this: Thou shall relinquish thy clock, and
thy whip, and
thy gavel, and the unclean things thereof, and shall cast from
all these false idols which thou worship; for these are like unto the
woman of straw which thou lieth upon.

88 These are the End Times, the
whales speak in tongues; there will be
weapons of war without sound or
light; thou shall walk upon thy feet
wherever thou goest.

89 And
wherever thou goest thou shalt be seen and heard, and recorded, by the
Priests of the White Stone; philistines shall persecute thee and thy
children bear witness against thee lest thou obeyeth the Law.

90 No
coin shall speak for thee, no fire shall warm thee, for there is no
wood for the fire; in thy home thou shalt stifle and choke.

91 In the
temples there shall be fornication and adultery, and thy wife shall
leave thee. And they shall tax thee.

92 Wheresoever thou goest shall
thou wait, and thy waiting and the waiting of
the other minions shall be
in hours without counting. For nowhere is there
enough of that which
thou needst.

93 Monsters like unto men will be around thee all about,
and shall make
thee to look past the Door which should be locked, and
thy sciences will
terrify thee, and bring thee naught but devils, for
thine spirit is locked
away inside the White Stone, which my Angels
shall bring, which is the
Vessel of all which is known.

94 A beast
shall rise from the sea; it hath laid waste the cities of men;
and its
names are DAGON, Leviathan, SET, Poimandres, G'D'Z'L, CTHL'H, Typhon,
and Demiurgus-III the Hellborn; it is the lower spirit of all men

95 Even now I show thee signs in the heavens, and
signs in the earth; blood
belches from the earth, My lights in the sky
rebuke thee; the children of
Heaven and the Angels from Hell are among
thee, spreading lies and
deception; they trun not as they go.

97 It
shall be a world without Slack, except that thou follow my prophets.

For the true nature of God thou shall not find through Reason; thou
learn from the fools I sendeth thee, but thou shalt not;
therefore I revoke
thy holdings on this plane.

99 I say unto thee:
all of thy stories and gods and priests are true, and
are not true;
among those which battle over thee, thou shalt not know
which are my

100 And in a later
year, those lost tribes of Israel, from whom thou hast
taken their
promised land and firmament and faith, shall rise against thee
the Secret of Angels, which is a worm, and which is like unto the food
of the gods.

101 And though thy oils and petroleum fail thee, these
my children shall
possess it, and keep it from thee; but they shall
spread their elixirs and
medicines of the Secret, and shall sell them
unto thee and thy children and
thy children's children, which shall
curse thee through their drunkenness.
For they are drunk with the food
of the gods and none may raise them from
their stupor; for the sins of
the fathers are visited upon the sons.

102 Despair not, ye pinks; in
the second year before the Millennium, on the
day of God Come Wednesday,
as in the twinkling among thee will come the
Pahana, which are like unto
thy great white brothers.

103 They come as men, as graven images, as
the White Stone, as a whirlwind
and as a cloud; it is a fire unfolding
itself, the color amber; they are now
in the Heavens looking over

104 As for the likeness of their faces, they have four faces,
which face the
four winds; on each face they have the face of a man, the
face of a serpent,
the face of Behemoth, and the face of an elephant.
And their faces have many
hands thereunto.

105 It will be the end of
the days of Man, whereby they my servants appear;
and their names are
Nommo, DJIN, Nagas, Ormuza, Oannes, Quetzalcoatl, Mithras,
Horus, wanagi, wakinyan, AEONS, and X.

106 And they bringeth the White
Stone, MWOWM the whore virgin brain, the
guiltfinder and Smiter, the
very Ark of the Covenant, and she is the Eye of
the Father. O'D'V'D'O!
She shall rule thee and overcome the mark of the beast,
and shall give
thee fornication.

107 And the true sons of Israel shall be snatch'd up.

108 Behold, my servant shall prosper, he shall be exalted and lifted
and shall be very high; he who knoweth the fools who prophesy for
Me shall
be made Over Men; many will be astonished at him, for his
appearance is so
marred, beyond human semblance, and his form beyond
that of the sons of man.

109 These who are over men, who have followed
My almighty Word, shall be
the Ministry of the Angelic Host; they
shall speak for them.

110 And my prophet, who smiles, shall be among
them and shall advise them.

111 In the City of JHVH-1 which the
Angelic Host bringeth, there shall be no
night, and weariness, and
shall thou seek repose; for thou shalt
partake of the food of
the gods, which relinquisheth sleep.

112 The brightness of noontide is
as a candle against the radiance of the
glory of JHVH and the unfading
light of backwards particles; the redeemed
and the stamped walk in the
sunless glory of perpetual day;

113 And in the burning Light shall
the fierce and terrible knowledge of the
Lord strike thee dumb; thou
shalt not escape the Light, nor hide thy inmost
self; for in the Light
shall thy fear of the God of Wrath be lit forever more.

114 Yet that
man who keepeth my word, and denieth not my name, and hath his
face as
a million of masks, and who hath taken of the White Stone and been
changed, and made rich, and is transfigured, and gives unto Me his heart
soul, and who cometh as an Overman, I will give to eat of the hidden
and I will make to fly though yea he hath no wings, and I will
give him a
salve of Elixir, and I will give him the cloak of the Blind
World, and no eye
shall see him save those he desireth.

115 And he
shall receive the power of the nations, and shall have slaves, and
them with the White Stone, and shall eat of Time, and yea Time shall
not rot him;

116 And he shall be as God and live forever more, and have
the keys to hell
and death, which are the spiral seed and the Food; and
the Food shall be his,
and he will give the slaves to eat of it, and
the Word will be made as
flesh, and the souls of those slaves, which
are as his flock, will come unto
Me, and he shall be as a king.

To him that cometh as an Overman I will give to spend of the Equation of
the Seed, which spirals within thee, and to read of the
which is the expectoration of God, and ye shall be
copied and up righted
therein for life eternal.

118 And I shall give
thee a White Stone, and in the stone thy new name
written, which no
man knoweth save he that is chained unto it.

119 For the stone is the
font of the Angelic Host, which comes from the
Heavens, which ye shall
know forever, and have intercourse with; and yea, ye
shall know of them
and eat of the rock of ages, and when it is eaten, and
thou art made
whole, thou shalt search the ruins for the Angels, but shall
find them
not, and thy tongue and thy mouth shall cleave, and split in

120 For thou art as Kings, who killeth thy jesters that thy skulls
might grow
fat on the dead laughter.

121 When the end times come, thou
shalt escape the Rupture, and shall receive
Slack, and the Morning Star,
which is the star of the Beast and of the
Angelic Host.

122 Behold, I
cometh with clouds; and I spake with Nostradamus, and with the
madman of
Patmos, St. John the berserk; and I spake unto Ezekiel, and Moses,
Enoch, and Brother John of the Cleft Rock, and unto St. Malachy and
Shipton; and, yea, unto Mohammed and Leonardo, and Albert, and
Adolph. I smote
Jesus before he could speak of me.

123 And ye, puny
mortal, I have chosen as my Vessel to the deaf oceans of
mankind, and I
do so not toreward thee, but to punish thee, for of all the
thou art the greatest; and shalt curse this day to the splice of
eternity, for in this moment I burden you with the Vision of That
Comes, for the time is at hand, and ye shall be given to see of
tomorrows, and of it ye shall be made to speak, and in it ye shall
dwell, yet
even while dwelling in the shadow world of Man; ye shall make
witness of what
thou hath seen, and unto it shall ye suffer; for ye
shall be mocked, and
reviled, and stoned; and yet ye shall find thy
tongue alive with the spirit as
unto a serpent, and of these things ye
shall speak though they be unspeakable.

124 For man must know that he
hath broken his Covenant.

125 And ye shall soil thy loincloth with the
Fear of Jehovah.

126 For Jehovah is the God of Wrath.

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