Rev. Ed Rom

"Forgive "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned," said the good-looking nubile teenager in the confession booth.

"Tell me about it," said Father Damien Morbidius, the secret Jesuit, idly fiddling with his ornate signet ring.

"I've been having evil and carnal thoughts about Jesus," said the girl. "His graven image upon the cross, bleeding and suffering, is so sexy. I want to have sex with the bleeding tormented Jesus."

"Is there more?" said Father Morbidius, in unctuous papist tones.

"I've been having lesbian fantasies about the Virgin Mary. I want to have her do me with a vibrator, and to carnally kiss her private parts."

"These are indeed grevious sins," said Father Morbidius. "But you must never forget that, in order to be forgiven, you must sin. And the greater the sin, the greater the forgiveness! Is there anything else?"

"Yes, Father. I want to kneel before the Throne of God Himself and perform fellatio upon Him."

"You have committed the sin of presumption," said the Father. "What makes you think you're good enough to even think of these things?"

"Forgive me, Father," said the girl.

"Why the hell should I, you worthless slut? These are heinous sins against God and Man, and must be atoned for. Faith without works is dead. You must perform works, my child, and mabye God and the Pope will forgive you."

"Father, what must I do?"

"Come to me now, outside the booth, and I will show you," said the secret Jesuit. He was thinking about what an addition she would make to his stable.

"But, Father, what about my anonymity? You aren't supposed to know who I am."

"God and the Pope have granted me extraordinary powers," said the priest, lying. "Come now! Meet me outside the booth! I will show you the way to salvation!"

"Yes, Father," said the girl, an excited tinge in her voice.

Father Morbidius wondered who it could be among his flock that had such strange fantasies. A flash of excitement ran up and down his spine as he thought about it. He stepped out of the booth and went to meet the girl on the other side.

It was Mary Murphy, the most pious and holiest member of his congregation! She looked at him shyly, and he thought that her face was beautiful, and so was her long black hair.

"Come with me, you vessel of corruption," said Father Morbidius.

She followed him down the aisle of the church to the altar. He mounted the steps with her close behind. He touched a secret button behind the crucifix with its bleeding Savior, and a portion of the wall slid back, revealing a hidden chamber.

"My goodness!" said Mary, gazing around her. "What's this?"

"It is the Sanctum Sanctorum," said Father Morbidius, as the wall slid back into place.

"But what is the awful ugly statue? What are those weird carvings on the walls?"

"That is the graven image of Ba'al!" thundered the priest, pointing at the ghastly toad-like idol. "Abase yourself before the statue of the very incarnation of sinfulness!"

"Eeeek!" shrieked Mary. "What is this horror? This is terrible!"

"To be forgiven, you must Sin!" said the priest. "What could be more sinful than the carnal worship of heathen idols?"

"No!" exclaimed Mary.

"Yes!" roared Father Morbidius, clutching at her. "Off with those clothes, that we may sin in the name of Ba'al!"

"I only fuck for Jesus!" shrieked Mary. "Get away from me!"

"You'll fuck for Ba'al, and you'll like it," hissed the Jesuit, backing her into a corner.

"No! Please! Leave me alone! Let me go!"

"Ha!" The priest leaped, his robes flying, and grabbed her. "You are in the power of Ba'al now!"

"Nooo-o--o! Please no--o-oo!" She struck him in the face. He laughed.

"A spirited wench! Ba'al likes that! How lovely to Sin!" His clutching claw-like Roman hand insinuated itself into the front of her blouse and ripped it open, revealing her shapely gigantic tits, crowned by huge brown nipples the size of little tea saucers.

"You little fornicator," breathed the Jesuit beast. "You don't even wear a bra!"

"I'll only fornicate for Jesus!" said Mary vehemently, struggling madly.

"You'll submit to the will of Ba'al! Then Jesus and the Pope will forgive you! Submit! Submit! Ba'al wills it!"

"Will Jesus forgive me?" said the nubile lass.

"Yes!" said Father Morbidius, crushing her close to him with one hand while the other reached under her skirt and clutched her thigh. "To be forgiven, you must Sin! Sin is the guarantor of Everlasting Life! Let me fuck you in the name of Ba'al, and then I will forgive you in the name of Jesus and the blessed Virgin!"

"Fuck me, then!" said Mary. "Give me your Holy Wiener of Depravity!"

"I will fuck you right on the altar of Ba'al!" said Father Morbidius, yanking her skirt off, revealing her shapely legs and ass and the tangled fur of her dripping eager twat. He picked her up and laid her on the black-draped altar, where she sprawed invitingly like the Whore of Babylon.

"Now!" said Father Morbidius, a mad gleam in his eyes. "We Sin for Ba'al!" The blind stone eyes of the grotesquely squat graven image of evil incarnate gazed sardonically upon the scene. But were they so blind? Were they moving?

Father Morbidius doffed his robe and advanced on the holy slut, his staff of ecclesiastical authority thrusting out in front of him. He stood by her head, and pushed his rod into her face.

"Kiss the Holy Staff!" said the Jesuit. "Suckle it, and take the Communion of Sin!"

She took the empurpled papist pork into her mouth and began to lustfully gobble it. Her lips made loud luscious smacking sounds as they wrapped themselves around the turgid monster member, and then it went deep into her throat.

"GwrglemmmmMM!" said Mary, obviously enjoying the taste and texture of priestly penis.

"Suck the Dick of Redemption!" said Father Morbidius. "Suck it good!" He clutched her head, his fingers flexing and unflexing of their own volition, threaded through her lovely black hair. He never even saw the wall slide away to admit the intruders, back behind the statue of Ba'al.

"So! Father Morbidius, in flagrante delicto!"

Father Morbidius opened his eyes (they had been shut in ecstacy) in shocked suprise.

"Archbishop O'Prick! What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be in Boston, inspecting castrati to be sent to Rome for the Pope's enjoyment!"

"No," said the Archbishop, "I came back here to spy on you, and also to tell you that the shit has hit the fan." He gestured at the two large pink bald men with him. "I had to bring the mute eunuchs with me for bodyguards, to protect myself from heretic, athiest, and infidel assassins. Our Jesuit Order is in danger, because it seems that a many-sided civil war has broken out here and abroad. Governments are toppling like houses of cards, and we must protect the Faith!"

Father Morbidius stood there, his dong shrinking visibly. Mary had an uncomprehending look on her face. Saliva dribbled down her cheek.

"And just what is it you're doing here, Morbidius me boy?" said O'Prick.

"Furthering Jesuitism and the Catholic Faith through the lustful worship of Ba'al," said Father Morbidius.

"'Tis interesting," said the Archbishop. "Most commendable! Rationalization is the cornerstone is Jesuitism, along with secrecy! Can the girl be trusted not to blab like a foolish child?"

"Who would believe that a Catholic priest would do such things as this?" said Morbidius, laughing.

"Naught but Calvinist and Lutheran heretics," said O'Prick, "and who cares what they think? If the girl is a good Catholic, her salvation is ensured, as indeed is mine and yours." O'Prick commenced to divest himself of his clothing, and soon was clad only in his mitre. The eunuchs crossed themselves and stationed themselves in such a way that they would cover all entrances to the Holy Chamber of Ba'al in the Cathedral of St. Judas.

The eyes in the graven image of Ba'al continued to watch intently as the priest and the Archbishop disported themselves with the lovely temptress. They each had an end of her on the altar, which she was now lying belly-down on. O'Prick was pumping her butt while Father Morbidius had his sacred lust-muscle jammed in her mouth.

There was a man inside the statue of Ba'al, who had been taking notes. Now he could stand it no longer, and he was frantically jerking his circumcised pecker. It was the Rabbi Moshe ben-Moloch, who was spying on the Gentiles for the Elders of Zion.