3 New CDs, 3 new Shows!


Our first audio CD collection:

"Bob's" Punctured Eardrum -- $15
Best of Bobsong Vol.1

1. ARISE -- SubGenius Internationalle (St. Kenneth Huey)
2. B.O.B. (Dr. Onan Canobite)
3. Ballad of JR "Bob" Dobbs (Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger)
4. Bobacatto (Mark Mothersbaugh)
5. "Bob" Is My Load (Brother Cleve "Donut" Dunkan)
6. Earth -- We Must Get Off (short loop) (Einstein's Secret Orchestra)
7. Shit on Your Grave in the Fog and the Dew (Rudy Schwartz Project)
8. Hellbound Train (Rev. Ivan Stang and His Crippled Fingers)
9. Hello Bob (Glassmadness)
10. He's Bob (Dr. Howll)
11. Hirasaki (D.K. Jones)
12. Hymn 999 (aka "There's a Pipe in the Sky) (Rev. G. Don Trubey)
13. I'm "Bob's" Own (Sivet Stang)
14. I Wanna Die for "Bob" (Doug-4)
15. Is This the Little Connie I Carry (Einstein's Secret Orchestra)
16. My Wallet Belongs to "Bob" (Rev. Victoria Ganger and Revelry)
17. Praise "Bob" (The Walk-Ins)
18. (We Are Going to) Save the Universe (The Swinging Love Corpses)
19. Sex God (Dr. Ray Hey)
20. Take Me Off to Space (Nenslo)
21. Wilderness of Bob (Einstein's Secret Orchestra)
22. X-Day's-A-Comin' (King of Slack Bill T. Miller)



SubSITE CD-ROM -- $30

This includes ALL of SubSITE (Http://www.subgenius.com) as of June 1999, except the archived Hours of Slack, the larger video clips, some of the Funhouse Games, the ancient MIT SubG mail-list stash and the sound files, which wouldn't fit and are on the companion volume. ALL of the Art Mines are included. All SEVERAL THOUSAND pieces of art. You also get everything else that's on SubSITE, such as the entire out-of-print book, THREE FISTED TALES OF "BOB," the zillions of articles and condensed alt.slack threads, the pre-vert porno, etc.

You work this CD ROM by pointing a browser like Netscape or Explorer, which are not included, at any of the html files such as "Index.html". The most fun, however, derives from using a graphics browser to slide-show through the vast art files (all of which are inside the directories "pics," "pics2" and "pics6").



(Specify MACINTOSH or Non-Mac (generic PC) version)

This contains ALL the video clips from the Art and Video Mines of SubSITE (often in much higher-res forms than the versions on the web), all the WAV audio files, all the games and desktop dingleberries from the Funhouse, plus a huge stash of print documents thrown in to fill out the 650 megs. (NOTE: This does not include the hundreds of HOURS OF SLACK RealAudio files.)

AND, this CD Rom includes all of the artwork from alt.binaries.slack and elsewhere that is not yet on SubSITE or the SubSITE CD-ROM -- that is, everything since X-Day '98 and all of '99 so far. This is an UNBELIEVEABLE TREASURE-TROVE of art, in other words. Sorted by arteest. I guess I better send LeMur and IMBJR free copies, since there are probably 50 megs of killer art just by them alone. This stash is not HTMLed or thumbnailed. You just grab your graphics browser, fire up a fropstick and start clicking through the immense stack.

Most people will want the non-Macintosh version. Mac users can use both, but if you get the non-Mac version you'll have to unStuff the Funhouse games and progs before you use them, whereas there are unStuffed playable copies on the Mac version. The collection of Windows Bobapps is also here, in Zipped form.

All of these CDs are LIMITED EDITIONS. I.e.: I am making a couple of dozen copies of each, and then subsequent versions will probably be different, if they're even available. These are not big "commercial releases." In fact, the main reason we're releasing them at all is to have more swag to sell at XX-Day to get us out of our current financial hole. As yet, the CDs have no fancy packaging; in fact, they're all hand-labeled by me.





I mixed 3 Hours of Slack in advance, to carry the unpaid-up faithful through XX-Day and the turbulent weeks that will follow.

Hour of Slack 688 was a rerun of Chas Smith's great pre-X-Day show.



Stang intro w/ Doors/X-Day Video soundtrack clips, KPFA Hal "Hop-a-My-Thumb", Friday Jones "Gore Needs Sex"

HoS535 X-Day intro barrage w/ Friday, GGG, Poonflang Dammerung, Buck Naked, Stang; long improv Stang rant re: X-Day

Rev. Susie the Floozy's X-DAY APOCALYPSE COLLAGE from her radio show... SCANDALOUSLY good.

Stang XX-Day rant with music by Rev. Heather Hillman

Chas Smith XX-Day rant/cuts from ESO radio 6-3-99


Nenslo "THERE IS A FELLA" song (live at Portland devival)

Papa Joe Mama sermon "INVISIBLE FENCES" (live in Seattle 99)

Nenslo "TAKE ME OFF TO SPACE" song (live, Portland 99)

Seattle Sex Goddesses

Stang on "Emissionaries" on Clyde Lewis' Ground Zero radio show

Kenneth Huey song "ARISE -- THE SUBG INTERNATIONALLE" live at Seattle Devival 99




Stang rant "My Last Years Resolution" (nondenominational politics rant) w/ ESO jam music bg

MINISTRY OF FOUND OBJECTS collage: "Half Assed XX-Day Song Barrage)

Susie the Floozy APOCALYPSE BARRAGE collage continued!!!

Stang does credits w/ Heather Hillman music

ESO Post X-Day radio (from 6-3-99) -- Chas XX-Day rants over last years' X-Day show clips

Jimi Hendrix "Power of Soul"

HoS 535 reruns continued: Stang on X-Day torments; classic rant with "Lucifer Rising" soundtrack music bg

Hendrix "Hey Baby" clip

X-Day Countdown sequence from X-Day 98 Video s/t

Pete Martin's "Eddie the Rat" audio collage #25

The Bran Flakes audio collage #17

Dr. Howll song "He's "Bob"" (live in Portland)

Ministry of Found Objects collage continued

DK Jones PO Box

The Duke of Uke "Ripple"


Hour of Slack #691

Stang intro -- his radio studio collapses
Reading "Reichmusic Rules and Regulations" w/ ESO bg

Susie the Floozy APOCALYPSE COLLAGE continued

THE XX-DAY SONG COLLAGE to end of side
(This is a compressed collage of clips from the 3-tape X-Day Songs collection I made last year -- a mix of both SubGenius and "famous rock star" songs about the end of the world


"I Wanna Die for "Bob" song

ESO Radio 6-3-99: Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Friday, Chas, Stang on Seed Sacks versus Bud Hosts

H535 rerun: Judgement Day media barrage including Byron Werner's classic UFO collage.

ESO 6-3-99 on Memory Burners

Susie the Floozy Apocalypse Collage continued

Frederick Thordendal death metal Beefheartian song

Maggi, Pierce and EJ: "INPLODE" song

St. Kenneth Huey live at Seattle 99 devival: "ARISE THE SUBGENIUS INTERNATIONALLE"