Thought Alchemy depresso-rant

Incredible String Band "Invocation"

Titles from "All-Intros" HoS tape

Every James Brown scream, editted together

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult: "GLAMOUR IS A ROCKY ROAD"

ESO Radio on WCSB Cleveland with Chas, Dave, Princess Wei "R." Doe:
Princess Wei sings "BLIND PIG" w/ ESO musical backup... SPOOKY
Stang sleazes up to various Dave/Wei characters, selling BUG PORN PICS for $1... BUG PORNO riffs. "Here's a cockroach being eaten by a Wolf Spider Wasp... look at him just chewin' away..." Wimp Cop Dave's investigation of the Bug Porno Ring while Chas sings "Death of a Fly," ad for Columbus show; homeless Dave tries to bum money from Stang, who blows him off calously; then the Dave-voice of Stang's conscience tries to make him feel bad about scorning the homeless bums. Stang decides to go back and kill, recycle the bum, but dies in drunken car wreck after robbing convenience store on the way (also prompted by voice of conscience). Stang monolog on his own cruelty and cynical callousness, kisses up to the Masons, Circle of Ten, Con. Stang is inducted into the Conspiracy, meets with the Circle of 10 Rockefeller/ CIA/ corporuler board, but informed he owes ALL the money to THEM. (Chas segues into scary version of "Feelin' Groovy".) Forlorn Stang meets panhandling bum LCDave in alley, whines about the money, tries to get some from Dave. Stang attempts to decipher the BILL from the Conspiracy... seques into the aged homeless Stang rambling like a toothless old stewbum/Little Big Man about the old days when he was on the Escape Vessels, elected President, lost it all... mocked as senile by the other bums. "Ah wuz Rev. Ivin Stang, star of stage and airwaves... I'se the first one to xerox "Bob's" head... it jest ain't fair..." They beat the aged rheumatic Stang. Chas: "Life 101... you FLUNK." "This parable was offered only as a lesson..." "You don't need a life; JOIN... The Church of the SubGenius." Segue back to depressed Stang on the Escape Vessels, getting jaded, bored, tired with all the Pink torturing and total Slack... "This isn't all I expected it to be... BORED with pleasure... is this what it's gonna be like forever?" ELVIS closes the show.

A little KPFA (3-85)

Thrill Kill Cult: "APOLLO 69"

Stang credits, blabs, Combustible Edison "Cadilac" in bg

COLLAGE of hilariously lame Christian tape, "HOW TO WIN THE WAR ON DRUGS," chopped and mixed with Women of Sodom and Hendrix studio out-takes

Ewing Oil (Second song on tape) Rev. Matthew Carey dr.music


Jesus Devilacvqua on why Christians and SubGenii can't just get along


Dynasoar and Steve Slack live at Columbus devival -- end of "For What It's Worth" Dobbsian remix

STEVE SLACK'S COMPLETE RANT from the Columbus Devival

Thought Alchemy clip

PO Box rant

Steve Slack end

Collage: Bob Larson, War on Drugs, Thrill Kill "Chemical Cop-Out"

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