Hour of Slack 651 (ESO Vol.8) 9-30-98

(Mostly from Chas Smith's edit of recent ESO Radio plus media-barraged mixes and new music made from loops & vocals -- big chunk of Susie the Floozie's CONSPIRACY collage also)

Intro Barrage
"Bob" loop music
GREAT radio preacher tape, revised for Dobbs

"Slack" Loop music under Stang rant:
Ah yes oh no dear friends. This is your host and prayer pardner, Rev. Ivan Stang, this time SANS nose bandage. The doctors finally stopped taking pliers and yanking long rubbery tubes the size of your finger out of my FACE. Now all I have to do to stay healthy is wash my sinuses out 3 times a day by injecting HOT SALT WATER up my nose so hard that it has to be SPAT out. How that is supposed to prevent the whole planet from spinning counter to my sense of balance, I'm not sure. But, enough about my health. I refer to these things to show fellowship with my aged peers, to prove that I'm OLD and therefore WISE. The old Silverback of the Church of the SubGenius. Any whippersnapper wise ass punk that thinks they can topple me from my throne and steal my harem is WELCOME TO TRY! Ya bastids.

MAN! By virtue of the X-Day home videos shot by other people, I have been priveleged to OVERHEAR BOBBIES THAT I'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE telling each other very gravely and assuredly just what-all is wrong with the Church of the SubGenius, how Rev. Stang should fix it, and what Rev. Stang had for breakfast and how stupid looking his haircut is. "BOB"? I don't think they pay any attention to "Bob." I've heard some strange stuff in this Church but hearing what the real young fans tell each other about ME has got to be one of my most bizarre experiences EVER! Some of them actually seem to think that I am really "Bob" in disguise or that "Bob" is my alter ego. I don't need to tell any DISCERNING SubGenii that, THANK GOD, nothing could be further from the truth. HONEST TO DOBBS, I ONLY WORK HERE. That Italian kid that works here too, Jesus, though, that isn't just a SubGenius ironic name, He really is the Lord. You want proof? You want a miracle! The SubGenius Foundation is still in business. There's your miracle, praise Jesus. Some of you people are SO BLIND! Willfully blind. The finger is pointing at where your wildest dreams could come true -- and instead, you're crowding around the FINGER trying to SUCK IT! EEEUGH!!! PLEASE LEAVE MY FINGER OUT OF THIS! You're ogling a cheesy special effect while the actual magic miracle is right behind you if you would just SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

You will awaken when I snap my fingers *SNAP*
**(end stang rant)**

ESO (9-?-98, w/ Friday + regulars) "These Aren't the Drugs You're Looking For"
"Good Air at Bleepo's"
Blue Velvet, Contact movie clips

"Praise-Bob" loop under Stang rant:
This is Hour of Slack 651, believe it or not, and it's also ESO/Hour of Slack Vol. 8, because once again Chas SMith of Einstein's SECRET Orchestra media-barraged the last few ESO shows AND his latest musical compositions such as heard in the background, into ONE MIGHTY HOUR-LONG TAPE! Once again, PRAISE CHAS, because I have to leave town for a preaching gig at "Death Equinox Con" in Denver, NOW, and otherwise it'd just be a rerun.

Future shows should bring you the X-Day recordings. I have spent the last 2 weeks, ON pain pills, CULLING DOWN the 40 hours of videotape to... well I have it down to 10 hours, and the SOUND from those 10 hours will fill radio shows till NEXT X-DAY aka NEX DAY aka DOS EQUIS. The future show gone brang you Bobbie Yuks. In the meantime, though, we continue to grow our own ships, in Chas's Swamp studio and at WCSB's studios at Cleveland State, thanks to Cantor Chas Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, ESO, Michelle George and Bob, with special guests Princess Wei R. Doe, Rev. Bleepo Abernathy IrRev. Friday Jones, and yours truly, heard worldwide in Audioactive Thursday nights at 9 EST on www.wcsb.org. Those nuts have built a TV studio in the Swamp and are working on a cable public access TV show called Eye on Strange Cleveland but which I think of as Wei's World!

OH MY LORD DOBBS IN HEAVEN THAT REMINDS ME! WE JUST SUDDENLY SET UP ANOTHER CLEVELAND DEVIVAL at the Euclid Tavern! Holy Smokes! That's right!. Nov. 8, Sunday night, at the Euclid Tavern, yours truly and ESO, and DOBBS KNOWS WHAT ELSE, shall bring down the rafters in our time-honored way, but with ALL NEW SONGS, SERMONS and SUBPOENAS! That's Nov. 8, at the Euclid Tavern, Euclid Ave., Cleveland, across from the Food Co-Op! These Cleveland Euclid Tavern devivals have become a LEGEND of the late 20th Century so GET ON BOARD before the LAST SHIP LEAVES! PRAISE "BOB"!



OFF.... EARTH!... before the virus of the ugly bags of water known as MAN can SPREAD FURTHER its infection of GALACTIC CIVILIZATION.
*****(End Stang Rant)*****

GREAT Chas movie-clip media-barrage: "END OF THE WORLD CRACKPOT" lines!!

Misc. good yak

"RocketBob" loop

CFR, Trilaterals, One World Order, Simpsons Stonecutters lines, INCREDIBLE Regan-Republican-JFK-Assassination juxtapositions!!

"Build Your Own" loop-music


"Build Your Own" con't.

CHAS collage:
Psychedelic Circus,
ESO: "What We'd Like to Do to the Listeners Because We Love You So Much"
Aliens collage, 200 Motels

ESO: "UGLY BAGS OF WATER" rant... Dave's One Pure Thought
GREAT long Dave & Chas spouting re: space, evolution, solid rocket fuel


Chas media barrage continues

"Build It/Rocketship" loop music

ESO: Dave and the Soul in the Bucket, wonderful Sign Off

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