We at The SubGenius Foundation offices have just been very busy shifting gears and battling minor technical problems.

Email for both myself and Jesus ( seems to work MOST OF THE TIME. Our local service, Metronet, has been fighting various kinds of problems ever since they admitted they had some. I can receive large art attachments again, but I must admit, having all those people NOT send something every day... it's been like a WONDERFUL VACATION in a way.

We have actually bought our own server machine for It just ain't up yet.

I wrote, editted, selected art for, TWEAKED the art for, and semi laid out a new STARK FIST OF REMOVAL INTERIM publication. Jesus is now doing the desktop layout. The previous issue was chaotically thrown together under horrendous deadline pressure, I even laid out my section for the wrong PAGE SIZE. THIS time it should look much more like an Interim FIST should. It'll be packed with some of the best art by the alt.binaries.slack maestros, reproduced as faithfully as possible in 80 lpi black and white.

I am now officially at work on the Steve Jackson Games/SubGenius project, which means I HAVE to leave the web alone and just concentrate on PURE VISUALS. This is my excuse to get back into learning computer graphics and not JUST shuffling and archiving everybody else's like some pathetic clerk. Last night I finally got to the Layers Channels and Paths part of the Photoshop book. I fiddled about happily and blithely started to open this one pesky EPS file when I was suddenly told:

"There is not enough space on the scratch disk to complete this operation."

Scratch disk? That's my 1,000-mb HARD DRIVE! And sure enough, I actually got to see it for the first time, with my own eyes:

1 G in this disk

0 K available

At that point, I felt VERY MUCH LESS UNCERTAIN about having JUST ordered a JAZ drive by mail, HALF AN HOUR EARLIER. By tomorrow afternoon, ONE copy of SubSITE will be OUT OF MY HARD DRIVE and onto that Jaz thang, and I'll be able to turn off this IRON LUNG that keeps the whole mess, and me, running (and running SLOW). Then all I have to do is knock over a liquor store and buy about 64 more megs-a-RAM.

And why? WHY?


Anyway, getting to monkey with artwork and the highly technical gimmickry that lays BEHIND the Kai buttons, that's like a replenished Slack supply for me, so I didn't feel too resentful about having a show deadline this morning.


Hendrix "When I say toilet paper, THAT'S when you come rolling out."

Heaven's Gate cult quotes/ JESUS's Sermon to the Line at SRL show

CompuStang: Invocation of NHGH, HoS title

(Susie the Floozy's "BOB" Media Barrage clips used throughout this show)

SUBLIME: "Smoke Two Joints" clip

CompuStang: "This FRAPPY that "BOB" sent me... I could sit here doing this FORVER!!" etc.

Sublime, Susie's "Bob" quote clips: PIPE stuff. Beaver smokes a Pipe

Rev. YVONNE STANG and SISTER JESUS gigle about their sex change operations, discuss Connie, intro"

WOMEN OF SODOM: "Manwich (Mix 2)"


KULA SHAKER: "Govinda"

CompuStang: "What if this isn't just a SHOW but the TEMPLATE to allow the THOUGHTS that will let in ME, SATAN???!?" etc.

BILL T. MILLER: "You Rang"

CompuSatan: "Thanks, "Bob..." Bring me more INNOCENT iones..."

MR. SMILEY: "One World Order" song

HORSESHOE: "Covenant"



CompuStang HoS I.D. with Flyin' Ryan Bros. bg

Jesus-MWOWM dj voice

KPFA SubShow: Puzzling Evidence and Dr. Howll (two computer illiterates) jealously badmouth the Internet and computers at length, as if their beloved "real life" was any BETTER.

("Rant" (originally a column for Internet Underground) in which poebucker shows off his computer/Internet gear exactly as if he were talking about his hot rod or his gun collection.

Science News -- about the PhalloBlaster, for inflating insect genitalia


P.O. Box, end credits.


Jesus, someone else, and I guess Rev. Nickie and them are all going down to Waco this Saturday for Branch Davidian/Oklahoma-Bombing Day. I'm trying to decide whether I want to go or not. I've never been to the compound ruins, but... I dunno, I always feel uncomfortable around kooks and religious nuts.

Dunno what I'd do without a bastion of sanity like this newsgroup.

I feel like I would just as soon sit here, listening to 50 different Hendrix concert bootlegs playing in one giant endless loop, pressing on in my quest to duplicate, in 3D computer graphics, and then overshoot both the Jehovah's Witness, and Hare Krishna, styles of religious monster art, for SubGenius religious monster art. I have very specific goals and images in mind, or I wouldn't be fucking with this. They're all laughing at me now, but they'll see, oh yes, they'll see. STEVE JACKSON has the KEY. He sees into the VERY SOUL of the GEEK. Between his skill at manipulating the TARGETS and our DIVINE INSPIRATION, and NENSLO, literally NOTHING will be able to stop us. We WILL code THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS into the DNA of a cockroach BEFORE 1998. IT WILL BE DONE!!! And the Oracle will be built if I have to hijack a truck full of Crays.

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