HOUR OF SLACK 595 and Church HQ News

To begin with, the previous show, #594, was valiantly slung together by Jesus while I was out of town. I have no "log" of that show and have not even heard most of it, although what I have heard so far is certainly LOUD. The Lord learned the hard way that while ol' Rev. Stang's techno-mixing set-up may seem TOTALLY INSANE AND UNWORKABLE at first glance, it is in fact the ONLY WAY to make all the semi-broken equipment work. It is the nature of The SubGenius Foundation that all the tools we own are partially broken, such that they work FINE, IF YOU KNOW THE TRICK. We have had to come up with many such tricks... but it saves on repair bills.

I spent the last week and a half driving with my son, Ydnax, to New York City to help him move into his college dorm. On the trip up, he had to listen to my choice of audio tapes, since he only has CDs. I'm happy to report that he really liked Bill Hicks, Joe Auffricht, and all the prank call tapes. Sadly, he still hates Zappa, Beefheart and Hendrix. But at least he's honest about his taste -- he asked if I had ANY "sold-out corporate rock." He actually called it that. He meant things like R.E.M. and U-2, or whatnot. The closest thing I had was Soundgarden and Sublime. Sublime barely counts, since the singer from that band was a SubGenius, and died before he made any money off his band.

Dr. Legume -- who got online YESTERDAY with the DONATED COMPUTER he got -- let us stay with him and Mrs. Legume, and helped us move the lad in. Ydnax's dorm room-mate was exposed to Dr. Legume and me for about an hour.

I am JEALOUS of Ydnax. He now lives in one of the fanciest neighborhoods on the planet -- and he and his roomie are THE ONLY MALES ON THAT FLOOR in his dorm!

I don't want to give out the name of the college, because then Friday Jones might get to him.

I took advantage of being up North to sell swag at an outdoor Hawkwind concert at Brushwood in Sherman, NY, and to do radio at WMUH in Philadelphia (on Rev. Ed Strange's show, with Dr. Legume) and at WCSB in Cleveland with Einstein's Secret Orchestra, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Chas Smith and Princess Wei R. Doe. The radio sessions were productive, and between those and some other tapes I recently acquired, I should be able to crank out at least 4 all-new-new-new Hours of Slack.

It only now occurs to me that I could have alerted Internet SubGenius fanatics about that WCSB show -- the station has a continuous AudioActive stream running, so you can always here it live and quite clearly over the Net. Praise be to Wandarer, we'll have the Hour of Slack versions running in RealAudio pretty soon.

HoS 595 "DRUGS" show with ESO & WMUH -- log

Source Tapes: ESO Radio from WCSB Cleveland, 8-27-97 with Einstein's Secret orchestra (Chas Smith and Lonesome Cowboy Dave) with guests Princess Wei R. Doe and Rev. Ivan Stang

Rev. Ed Strange, New Music show, WMUH, Allentown PA -- with Dr. K'taden Legume and Rev. Stang, with Mrs. Legume and the Rabbi Heather heard occasionally.

Chas Smith's new Media Barrage audio collage tape -- used in bits and pieces, in transitions.

Rev. Phyleesha's Media Barrage tape -- we've just started working in this promising audio collage tape from our latest crazed transsexual SubGenius deviated prevert!


Jimi Hendrix says, "There'll be no smoking in the gas chambers."

CHAS Media Barrage clips a, Ed Strange opening "WAR OF THE WORLDS" collage, Title

ESO: "THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE" -- SCARY sounding killer cover of this Simon & Garfunkel classic, recorded live at Starwood festival.

WMUH: Stang, Legume & Strange discuss Jimi Hendrix, and how his stupid death proves him a SubGenius, also, this show just happens to be all of our last nights in show business -- Legume's Last Night -- Bill Hicks.

WMUH: Discussion of "trip-hop music", nitrous oxide and other trippin' -oriented stuff leads into extreme rant about how the Drug Demon has you now, and you'll be stuck in the Tripping State forever.

ESO: Stang & Dave develope terrible Phil Dickian drug fantasy "THE SECOND DOSE" -- The Marine Drug Experiment -- "Hold that Thought" -- Life Ain't a Movie

CHAS SMITH Media Barrage clips

WMUH: Expositions re: BLOWFISH smoking, GLEET abuse, and BUG PORN. Really quite sick.

LOS STRAITJACKETS -- instrumental

ESO: Smoking puffer fish, blowfish; complex rantasy re: "BRAINS ON DRUGS" being cooked up with bacon


"SLUT" excerpt (song by Pansy Division)


WMUH comment on Negativland

Phyleesha MB, Chas MB collages

WMUH: Pn Air Counselling -- I Can't Go There -- 313 Days to X-Day -- But You Might Be Offended -- We Know You're On Drugs -- "Bob" Made Frop -- comments on Bill Hicks

BILL HICKS on JFK Assassination and Jesus, from new album ARIZONA BAY (highly recommended) -- I hate having to blank the cusswords in these rants... (the Internet and Canadian versions are not censored)

WMUH: The 1998 Suicide Pills and "Bob" -- "Go ahead and gobble 'em, you thought it was a JOKE!" Drowns.

GLEET!! The secrets of GLEET. To Suck or Not to Suck. Too Much Always Better!! Long GLEET drug rant.

CHAS MB, Phylessha MB

ESO: Stang end rant: "Tamari and Tamari and Tamari... PO Box -- Contradictions? -- Dave and Wei

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