Hour of Slack 695


"Hear My Train Comin'" Intro Title

ESO XX-Day Jam, "Dave Sets Gramps on Fire" -- music con't under Stang rant:

"Shhh... humans!

"Back in Dallas. Said I was gonna stay until the Saucers came.. but... I HAD to return, for now. But JOIN ME, won't you, and we'll both return to fabled Brushwood campground via the magic of SOUND RECORDINGS... and also we shall voyage back in time to myth-shrouded Cleveland, city of mystery astride the flaming river -- the burnt-testicle city. Where Einstein's Secrerchestra and Stang's Secret Radio Station offer great rewards for adventurous risk-takers.

"So much work to do... but it's so HOT here. The AC. is on high.... but so is the Sun. I MUST GET OFF." Misc. upcoming credits.

Friday Jones quick-clip "You don't have to be a Texas redneck..."

Clyde Lewis (Ground Zero Radio inSLC, Utah) and Stang -- "Bob", the Rich Man, and the Poor Lady -- Luck vs. Brains -- Common Sense, sense of humor, $ and cents -- ignorance is bliss -- smarty-pants can go join Mensa

Rev. Susie the Floozie -- inspiring statement on how she found "Bob," from the Panel Discussion, XX-Day

LITTLE FYODOR song "Squirrels" -- live at XX-Day

Starwood ESO-Stang Devival in the Pufferdome: "Why Dallas?" "The DUH Moment" "Very Realistic Air, Isn't It?"

XX-Day Rocket Launch chants with Chas; GGG dramatic narration of Rocket Launches

Pufferdome Starwood Devival con't: "Don't Let "BOB's" Pipe Go Out!

The Firesign Clones: "How Can You Be in Two Places At Once" excerpt (from Starwood 99)

THE FIRESIGN THEATER: Part 1 of "The 3 Faces of Al"

Pufferdome devival con't: "WE ARE NOT MEN/WHAT IS THE LAW"

ESO Radio 7-30-99: Friday Jones Gets into Dave's Moonpants and Finds the Shaved Hamster

Pufferdome Starwood Devival: "What Is the Law/ We Want the World"

Halley DeVestern song "Anthropologist" from Sugar Free album


Maggie, Pierce and EJ: "One More Time" song about heroin from Red Album

Loke E. Coyote: song "Witch War" (song about New Age assholes) by pagan comedian

ESO XX-Day Jam continued under Stang doing credits, addresses

XX-Day Devival, Stang-ESO: "Anti-Hate;" Stop the Intolerance By ANy Means Necessary; to "It's Not that we Love "Bob" All that Much"

The Bran Flakes: "PRAISE THE LORD" collage

Dr. P. Ellis: Dan Quayle Cut-Up

ESO 7-15-99 radio: "Smart-Asses vs. Dumbasses"

Stang at Starwood solo: Moment of Noise

The Glodal Village Idiots -- "song #4" (weird Middle-Eastern sounding one) live at XX-Day

Stang does credits, addresses

Lust In Space -- last song clip and end announcements, XX-Day live

Friday Jones: "R U a Flirt?"

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