(#547 was a rerun of #390)

This one is 75% Stangpreach. Had to do it FAST.



The "I Won't Relax" rant

"Cut My Own Head Off" -- song by JOHN BARTLES

Stangs new Francis Dec-like kook flyer "SATELLITE ASSAULTS" by Norman Rabin (sent in by Rev. Eric Hamell).

Discusses "those CRAZY" Conspiracy Kooks" and then reads at length about REAL conspiracies from Jonathan Vankin's CONSPIRACIES, CRIMES and COVERUPS (Illuminet Press)... various selected excerpts which paint a quickie portrait of the CIA-Mafia-Masonic-Nazi-fascist shadow government's last 30 years.

Some KPFA from '84 with Dr. Howll, Palmer Vreedeez, Puzzling Evidence and Gary G'Broagfran, with Cordt Holland guesting as "Theme World" amusement park representative.


Stang continues the history lesson about the CIA.

(Music in bg throughout Stang sermon is by Cosmic Vortex (El Diablo & friends)

Stang seques from serious conspiracy discussion into "THE RANT THAT DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME" (Laviolette's collage of snitty Stang alt.slack rants).

"I Want to Suck Your Blood" song by JOHN BARTLES

PO Box and credits

More KPFA from '84 -- Puz-Ev collage of themelessness, followed by Theme World and "Nice Try, Good Effort" awards.

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