Side 1

Intro Collage with "How to Win the War on Drugs" Xian lamers, Title, KPFA show take-off

ESO RADIO 10-25-96 (S1, Tape1) -- show take-off con't., Stang mimics Legal Documents Guy

"Welcome Aliens" song by THE HAPPIEST GUYS IN THE WORLD (from new CD)

Stang discusses how this is the HAPPY episode, by virtue of such HAPPY music, speculates re possible CYNICISM of The Happiest Guys in the World. Does quickie review of John Shirley's new novel, "SILICON EMBRACE" (Mark Zeisig Publishers -- GREAT book!). Intros new tape from band "PINKO PUNKO":

"Frosty the Snowman" song/rant by PINKO PUNKO

ESO RADIO continued: Stang and Lonesome Coyboy Dave spew about Dave's painful stones and other things while groping for subject matter.

"You Can Make a Difference If you Try, Try, Try" -- THE HAPPIEST GUYS IN THE WORLD

"Life Stinks" by PINKO PUNKO

More grim thoughts from THOUGHT ALCHEMY

GWAR clip "Sick of You"

EWING OIL clip (2nd song on Carey's tape)

DR. DYNASOAR reads his Dr. Seuss-inspired SubGenius Bedtime Story alt.slack FAQ at the Columbus Devival at Staches


Bizarre unidentified foreign song from Nick Nolin's tape

Ed Strange on the JFK assassination, from his SubShow


Ed Strange con't.

The War on Drugs collage con't. (w/ Hendrix bg)

ESO RADIO con't:
Stang and Dave go into a rather extreme spout about nicotine patches, The Master Molecule, Bad Drugs and Faith public service spew, spooky Chas music in bg, faith healing rap, LCDave monolog on his Life with Dobbs while Stang demeans him; Dave is mugged, rolled; WCSB pledge drive rant, the Liberal Bias Media, spins off into psychedelic spout, chant "CLEVELANDASQUATSI" (based on upcoming WeiRDoe film, with Phil Glass music)), scary bulldada antimusic sequence "In 10 minutes you'll be smoking cigarets in Hell"


"The Moonpants Song" by Joe Auffricht

Jesus Devilacqua's Church Ad con't.

"SEX" by Pinko Punko

Credits, PO Box

Ed Strange rant about the Conand Slack... cool bg music -- Horton Heat??

"Mission Stardust" by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult


Note to alt.slack.fux:

Sorry, this is another drive-by post. I haven't had a spare second to read a.s.... Jesus and I are EACH getting about 50 things a day by email, dunno why this sudden flood. And most of it's business of some kind that has to be dealt with, or, in my case, art and programs too. I can barely keep up with CATEGORIZING all this new stuff, much less uploading it to SubSITE and linking it.

And SubSITE desperately needs an alt.slack editor -- some a.s. regular who has already been reading the whole damn newsgroup, but has taste, and can save the GOOD stuff, save it into certain categories that tell me where to put it in SubSITE, prep it by chopping down the headers in a CERTAIN WAY (easy but it has to be done a certain way), and emailing the text files to me in an organized way so that all I have to do is drop the various category directories into the auto-htmler, upload it and link the new titles in.

I and a few volunteers did that for the first year or so, but it has become obvious that updating SubSITE with alt.slack best-ofs is really a job for ONE DEDICATED PERSON. (And hell, I still owe TAPES to all those volunteers! Don't think I haven't forgotten! I've just... LOST THE LIST!!) ONE PERSON who reads the newsgroup, can save posts into the appropriate categories, tweak the headers so they are just title, author and maybe date, and send it as email attachments THE MODERN-DAY WAY, without me having to explain what a one-piece Stuffed or Zipped attachment folder full of folders full of text is. PC, Mac, Unix, doesn't matter, but I can't be sent this stuff one post at a time, it just gets too confusing that way. The idea is that not even have to READ it before posting it to SubSITE. Obviously, we can't trust just ANYBODY with such a chore.

Rev. Eyre Rend has taken on this chore with the TrueSpeech aspects of SubSITE. We send him tapes, he preps 'em for Web, in fact he even uploads them directly to SubSITE and just tells me what new titles are now there to be linked. He has become a SubSITE GOD by doing this. His only reward is the Glory, the Escape Vessel Ringside berth, and OUR TOTAL TRUST. (And I've never even met the guy yet.)

Here are the categories that I save posts and threads into, in case you wondered. These correspond to various Halls and subhalls of SubSITE.

Articles (as opposed to all-out RANTS)
Ask Bob.
Catalog comments
Ear of Bob (all music, audio related articles)
False Bobs
KookHate (kooks that aren't funny)
KookLove (kooks that ARE funny)
Letters (short stuff that's not easily categroizeable any other way)
OMNonsub (NonSubGenius stuff for the Other Mutants listings)
RANTS (as opposed to more sedate ARTICLE)
Revelation X
Dobbs sightings
Web stuff

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