Hour of Slack 632 ESO Collage Masterpiece + Stang on Bob Larson's Show

This show mainly stars Chas Smith's audio collage edit (aka "Media Barrage") of a zillion bulldada sound bites intercut with an "Hour of Slack/Einstein's Secret Orchestra Show" that was recorded in Chas' basement with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei R. Doe, Chas and yrs trly. And Dave's new DOG, who REALLY needs a WHIPPING.

There's this sort of a "plot" that we've been inflicting on Lonesome Cowboy Dave for YEARS now. He's REALLY a guinea pig in a space travel experiment, locked inside a "tuna can" space capsule that has been hurtling towards Alpha Centauri for the last 30 years. The shipboard computer, played by me, Chas and Wei, alternately torment him and keep him entertained on his long journey. Dave usually is not able to distinguish between the reality of his space capsule and the various fantasies that the shipboard computer -- something of a sadistic psychiatrist -- creates for him.

Chas really livened up this particular stretch of Dave-torment by intercutting it with his collection of bizarro sound-clips (from old sf radio plays, Christian talk shows, monster movies etc.)

Also on Side One:

STANG ON BOB LARSON'S SHOW. For those who've missed out, Bob Larson is a particularly notorious televangelist and Christian radio talk show host who specializes in the casting out of demons. I suspect that Larson himself had as much fun with this "Clash of the Titans" as I did. Getting to be on Larson's show was like a dream come true for me, a fantasy realized!


has Chas's great ESO edit continued, and intermixed with music by


(Reagan's Polyp is a WONDERFUL hate rock antimusic ubermix concept band that could best be compared to, well, Joe Newman and his Rudy Schwartz Project. I mean, that's how WEIRD and DIFFICULT FOR AIRPLAY it is, how HATE-FILLED and yet UNBEARABLY CREATIVE. Rev. Chris Dumas is the dumbass behind this brilliant band... Pope Sternodox was the bass player at one point, but he's not on this album.)

(REAGAN'S POLYP -- Trash Fish, 225 W. 105th St., Ste. 1-FW, New York NY 10025)

(EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA -- PO BOX 602684, Cleveland OH 44102)

NEGATIVLAND "Mertz #1" from new album, "HAPPY HEROES"

Jimi Hendrix -- "SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE" instrumental

Credits, and PO Box by DK Jones

(Background music by COSMIC VOYEUR/El Diablo/Ymmot Zepol)

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