HoS 656 (Rerun of #88)

Eh, well, Dear Friends, that's what the Hour of Slack sounded like TEN YEARS AGO. HERE, in 1998, on Show #656, we're playing a RERUN of Hour of Slack # 88, from OH I reckon it to be about 1987. Sorry I had to do a rerun by, first OFF, I had to or get into even worse trouble in other realms of Church outreach, and secondly, why, there are SOME aspects of these ancient shows that may be better than some aspects of modern day SubGenius shows. I DON'T CARE because this is the way Dobbs has willed it to be.

Everything is okay, the new Stark Fist magazine is out, BOTH of the X-Day video productions are looking GREAT, We have a devival coming up DECEMBER 4-5 in AUSTIN TEXAS with ROBERT ANTON WILSON, NEGATIVLAND and YOURS TRULY, see www.subgenius.com for details, praise "Bob."

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