Hour of Slack 680

Formatted Show #3

Wandarer, Godfather of Sound Webberizing, bequeathed his RealAudio Swainsmanship to Mighty Rev-Bro VT, who I now dub UberDigitizationalist Supreme: he to whom we now send the cherry uncensored tapes for uploading.

Last night, just for yuks, I made my own RealAudio version of a chunk of sound. And it was EASY. Worked JES' FINE. Sent it to alt.binaries.slack. I had never done that before.

Tonight, when I finished this show, and rewired the backsides of the deck bank for dubbing, it occured to me that IF I HAD A SPARE JAZ DISK (Mac format) I would be able to run off a copy on THAT, TOO, convert the HUMONGOUS file to RA while I ate dinner, and upload the show THIS VERY NIGHT to SubSITE while skulking around in the alleys behind Greenville Avenue (my new hobby).

I could have done that any time in the last 3 years (with a spare Jaz disk) and the reason I only tried it now was due merely to the fact that I CHANGED ALL MY OFFICE FURNITURE AROUND so everything is closer together. It's just AMAZING how a little bit of furniture moving can elevate one's entire level of technological initiative so drastically. It even prompted me to go get a cheap scanner.

God, what a fucking geek I have become!

Maybe I need to go talk a walk! Skulk around some! Gotta get away from these machines!

NOTE: New Hour of Slack shows are not only on http://www.wcsb.org in Audioactive, but they're "live" in RealAudio also on http://www.nightravenradio.com, and on http://www.wrek.org ! And archived at SubSITE, of course.

I used to listen to ESO Swamp Radio on WCSB (Thursdays at 11 pm EST) using AudioActive on the Internet -- with it running out of my computer into my sound system -- and it USED to sound GREAT on my 28.8 modem. Then, all last year, it became too spotty to listen too -- possibly because it got a lot more Internet listeners? BUT!! -- last week, I got a 56 modem and it's made all the dif -- I can hear the show clearly again and it only stutters maybe once every 3 or 4 minutes.

(NO... NO... CANNOT go away from the machines! MUST STAY WITH THE MACHINES!)

**((SHIT!!! FUCK!!! I just realized, I leave for BOSTON next week -- I have to crank out AND DUPLICATE at LEAST one more show before then! Preferably TWO! SHEEPERS!!! FIT! SHUCK!!))**


Willie the Pimp/Title/Sublime "bong hit" riff/ Silica Gel "Remember"/
El Diablo enters the studio while Stang is starting show; Jesus calls...

ESO 3-25-99 Chas intros Papa Joe, P-Lil, Bleepo, Introducing Contessa Dobbolina

Part One of Rev.Crawford Smith's STAMP OUT SLAVERY pamphlet
(bg music by El Diablo)

OLD SubGenius DEPT:
KPFA Hal, Doug and Ivan lost in the desert (from intros tape)

"Is There Still Law without the Father?" -- Moreau... (Stang adds dialog)

Janor Hypercleats live (Boston 1985?): "I choose to HATE most of them"... Stang's "Hate" basics

Jim Jones "I put my eggs in many places"...
X-Day Video 98: Friday Jones interview, regrets her mother's fate for not buying a membership; her enemies who she'll get revenge on.

Dr. Onan Canobite: "B.O.B."

IrRev. Friday Jones on TERMITE SEX AND MATING -- BUG PORN! (w/ Steve Vai "Attitude Song" bg)

Stang does credits -- music from Dokstok 3, "Fart Dog Explosion"...

Legal Notice guy

Onan's "B.O.B." continues

Steve Vai "Little Green Men"


ESO 1-7-99 -- Post-New Year's show with Friday, Chas, Dave, Wei (no Stang)-- the computers will stop, all animals will die, all food will disappear because it's made by computers; stockpile torches; is the Sun liable under Y2K? Will we have to reboot the Sun? It'll think it's 1900. Solution: Next year should be 1999.1

At midnight, 2000, we'll transport back to 1900 -- happens every 100 years. It'll be cool! We could all become rich -- take stock market tips... exploit Indians cause they'll still have STUFF! We'll each have our own car factory... we can import slaves from China! Build our own railroads!
Instntly, no radios -- back to horse and buggies; stockpile HAY! We need to have more SACRIFICES.
How important were computers to telegraph? The vikings needed chips... Y2K retroactive -- shockwave goies back in time and wipes out ALL computers... even Columbus'es computer and America won't have been discovered. Even beads would fall off the abacus.

Or maybe we'll be reincarnated as ancestors in 1900. (Chas and Dave discuss their ancestors... the mighty Flemms. Our consciousnesses will be blasted amidst all our ancestors... with vague memories of a wonderful time that'll end in 1999... so we'll know it... an endless loop, constantly being blasted back to 1900 AGAIN. Constantly reabsorbing ourselves. But maybe this time around, we can PLANT something that'll clue us in... that'll send us a message that's computer-untouched. And we'll need to impregnate the FIRST PERSON we meet in that world!

We want people to dance into thje new century! Whatever you are doing at the moment of the turnover you'll be frozen into for eternity. So you SHOULD be having sex. Pat Boone singing We Are the World FOREVER. If you're reaching to scratch an itch at that moment.... FOREVER.

Maybe we should start killing the computers NOW. Bill Gates is that one last killer bee that's left alive after they thought they'd wiped 'em out.

I was a Dos-Equiist all along...knew it'd be 99... not 98, not 2000. I don't shrink from the label Nexist....

(Stang breaks in... changes tape)

ESO 3-25-99 (with special guests PAPA JOE MAMA, Popess Lilith, Bleepo Abernathy, the Contessa Dobbsolina, : Bleepo On Drugs (tells parable Origin of the Pil Universe creation myth)
Papa Joe launches into RANT about XX-DAY... we FOOLED the NORMALS into thinking the END had passed... let them who doubt scoff and laugh... let the true believers gather with their oxygen masks, to serve BOB... as they ascend the escalators will they realize that Bob has been preparing a special SAUCE for them... and separating the Bobbies from the true believers . For even with 10,000 members there is not enough ROOM on the escape vessels! The SLOGANS will tell us who will travel to and fro and who will be the FOOD of those who travel to and fro. It is better to feed than to be fed upon. TOO MUCH IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOT ENOUGH!


Steve Vai: "LITTLE GREEN MEN" come from our past... controlled media prepare us for these beings... the new age of Light without Heat...

Stang credits

ESO Vol. 15: Dave on the Snining Faced Man... "You will take us away to a place where the croaking of the birds are no more..."
Dave does X-Day POEM...

Stang does PO Box, SubG Zine Review: THE YETI TIMES PO BOX 07442, Milwaukee, WI 53207

X-Day Song Dept:
Quicksilver Messenger Service: "Happy Trails To You"

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